Star Trek: Defiant

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.


1. Please follow all Obsidian Fleet rules and guidelines. They can be found at

2. Treat all players with respect.
A. No player may write for another player’s PC and PNPCs without that player’s express consent. This is a strike-worthy offence.

B. Under no circumstances may a player alter, permanently injure, or kill another player’s PC and PNPCs without that player’s express consent.

C. Harassment and discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated, in or out of character. Behavior may be determined to fit this description according to the opinion of the affected player and the CO. The offending player will be informed of this decision. If the behavior persists beyond the warning, it may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

3. Activity
A. Inactivity without communication for longer than 7 days may result in a strike. Simply logging in will not be considered activity if the player does not address outstanding tags.

B. Inactivity for 21 days without communication will result in removal from the sim.

C. A player may make a request for a leave of absence in the event that they will be unavailable for over a week, which would suspend these rules until their return. This leave is automatically approved upon informing the CO of the time you'll be gone.

D.) Inactivity through minimal participation is inactivity. One will not be allowed to escape the tag requirements by simply having no posts. This also applies to people who are only in the mandatory story posts. If you are in no ongoing joint posts, that will be viewed as a form of inactivity as well, as it is equivalent to not responding to tags. If you are not making yourself part of the story, you are inactive.

4. Posting
A. Posts are expected to be at least 400 words for a solo or joint post, and at least 120 words for a personal log.

B. Players are expected to complete at least one post every 2 weeks. This may be a solo post, joint post, or personal log.

C. Players are expected to respond to tags within 7 days of the tags initial save. Preferred tag response time is 72 Hours. This will not be a strikeable offence unless it is breached multiple times.

D. Any posts may be used outside of the sim and its website for recruitment purposes, provided that the authors and CO are informed.

5. Characters
A. All characters must adhere to the Obsidian Fleets list of forbidden races.

B. Each player is allowed 1 Player Character and they must have written the character up themselves. Each player is allowed up to 2 Non Player Characters or Played non player characters and this NPC may hold no rank higher than the lowest player character in that department. The CO may agree to waive in this rule.

C. A Department Chief may create characters within his/her own department with the approval of the CO. Any player may also create characters in another department with the approval of the CO.

D. Any other players may create characters in any department with the approval of the Department Chief, provided that the CO and the XO are given prior notice.

E. Starting Rank and Position is issued at the discretion of the CO. Promotions are at the will of the CO, though any demotions or position changes will never be enacted without first issuing a strike.

6. Strikes aboard Defiant correspond to the following system:
Strike One = Informal Out-Of-Character Reprimand

Strike Two = Penalties may be at the discretion of the CO. If this is a players first time receiving this level, it will likely come with a formal warning. If the player has received this level of warning, it may result in a more severe reprimand. This may come in the form of a demotion of one or more ranks and/or removal of a Department Head position.

Strike Three = Removal from the Sim, unless the command crew decide otherwise. However, additional strikes will result in removal from Department Head position and a demotion.

All Disciplinary decisions may be appealed to the Sim's Commanding Officer or the Obsidian Fleet's Command Council.

7. Story
A. All proposed subplots and changes to existing subplots require the approval of the CO. Approval will always be granted except in cases of a) violations of the Sim Rules and/or b) substantial conflicts with the mission storyline and/or with other subplots.

B. Any decision to damage the Defiant must first receive the approval of a member of the command crew.

The CO reserves the right to change these rules without notice at any time.

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