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Commander Niamh O'Donoghue

Name Niamh Roisin O'Donoghue

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Engineer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 119lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Slightly taller than average, Niamh is lithe in stature and possesses natural beauty.

Her attention to detail with regards to her appearance is meticulous. She typically curls her hair and styles it into a messy updo. She wears minimal makeup, aside from some concealer, eyeliner and red lipstick.

When working down in engineering or helping refit modular systems, Niamh typically wears the standard duty uniform with a utility belt to carry her tools. When working the bridge she typically wars the long variant of the updated standard duty uniform.

Off duty, Niamh strives for comfort, preferring to keep it to a casual combination of a hoodie, some skinny jeans and a pair of converse.


Father Commander James O'Donoghue, Chief Medical Officer, USS Thermopylae
Mother Laura Niamh O'Donoghue, Deceased
Other Family Rosie Ward, Retired, Grandmother
John Ward, Restored. Grandfather

Personality & Traits

General Overview Naturally analytical and induustrius Niamh's personality lends to her skill as and Engineer. She is diligent and professional, yet open and friendly. She makes the most out of every interaction and enjoys spending her time socialising.

Despite this, she is personally very private. Given the nature of her role, she can often get lost in her work and miss her schedule.  That said, when focussed on a task of importance Niamh can become very tense and stern with those working with her. She expects the best from her officers and will not tolerate slacking behaviour.

Her name is pronounced Nee-uv Roh-shin
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Compassionate
+ Intelligent
+ Industrious

- Guarded
- Meticulous
- Stubborn
- Driven
Ambitions Eventually, Niamh hopes to design a craft that Starfleet will put into service and is happy to stay with the defiant in order to keep developing her skills.
Hobbies & Interests Despite her nature and professional leanings, Niamh is incredibly intrigued by the macabre. From horror films to true crime Niamh enjoys it.

Whilst remaining guarded, Niamh can typically be found in the midst of any social activity, should her work allow it.

Niamh collects items of cultural significance whenever she visits a new planet.

Personal History 2231 – 2249:

Niamh was born into a world in which she would never meet her mother. Laura O'Donoghue would tragically pass whilst giving birth to her only daughter. The loss of his wife impacted Niamh’s father, James, profoundly which would go on to affect the relationship he would hope to have greatly.

He would attempt to push his grief aside to parent his daughter, but several months later he found he could no longer cope. He sent Niamh to live with her grandparents, her mother’s parents, in Northern Ireland and took the busiest assignment he could find outside Sol.

That aside, Niamh had a relatively happy childhood. Her grandparents saw bringing her up as a way of being closer to their daughter, and did nothing but dote on her. Her father would visit from time to time, but would rarely stay long enough for Niamh to grow attached. Niamh would grow to respond to her father’s absence with anger, hoping that by lashing out he would realise how much she needed him.

This was how life was until Niamh began high school. Her father, now an Assistant Chief Medical Officer, would return to Earth to work on the bond he’d neglected. For the next five years, the pair would work on repairing their bond, Niamh would eventually take to spending the weekends with him, but would not live with him full-time.

Although her father had hoped for more, he accepted what she offered eagerly and worked hard to help his daughter get through high school with the required grades for Starfleet Academy. During this time Niamh would begin to develop an avid interest in Engineering and with some support from her father would nurture that interest ready for her future. By the time she'd graduated High School, she was determined in pursuit to join Starfleet's Corps of Engineers.

2249 - 2253:

With adequate grades, Niamh was accepted into Starfleet Academy assigned to the Engineering Track. Life was hard at first and Niamh found that her rural high school had done little to prepare her for life at the academy. After a couple of months, and with a little guidance from her Father, Niamh eventually found her rhythm and finally began to enjoy her training. To this day the Engineer rarely spoke about those first few months and how she'd almost considered giving it all up. Now Niamh was settled she focussed hard on her studies and took part in several engineering focussed enrichment activities.

By 2253 she graduated with honours, earning herself a little choice in her assignment applications.

2253 - 2258:

Niamh was accepted for her first choice and was eventually shipped out to join the crew of the USS Apollo, a Kelvin Type cruiser that functioned as a testing platform for many of Starfleet's potential sensor and scientific systems. Given the unpredictability of the systems, Niamh found the job incredibly rewarding and had fun during her time on the Apollo as she learned how to install new systems and how to efficiently complete on the go modifications.

Her time spent aboard was not without fault that. Twice during the five years, Niamh served the vessel found itself on the defensive from opportunistic pirates. The first attempt had almost been successful and the pirates almost got away a prototype long-range sensor suite. After barely getting away the Captain convened a team of Engineers and order them to refine the Apollo's security systems.

Several years later the systems would be live tested as the Apollo found themselves under attack once more. With anticipation Niamh enacted the Troy protocol which caused the ship to be compartmentalised by internal forcefield generators, creating spaces small enough that concussive weaponry would be disastrous for the user. The next stage saw a localised electrical surge stunning the pirates trapped within their makeshift chamber. Unfortunately, despite this success, the Apollo lost 12 souls during the attempt, 4 of which had died when trapped in a compartment with an active concussive grenade that they likely would have been able to survive with non-fatal injuries if they'd have had a couple more meters space.

Protocol Troy, whilst effective, was deemed a failure and the project was shelved and replaced with a comprehensive localised defensive system for the pieces of experimental technology the Apollo hosted.

2258 - 2261:

After five years aboard Apollo Niamh was ready for a new adventure and sought assignment aboard a Starbase. Aside from the fact that Stations tended to be safer, they also tended to have more advanced systems compared to ships, owing to their size and the Engineer was eager to try something new. One of many Assistant Chief Engineers, Niamh's specific functions were to manage the repair and maintenance division of the vast engineering department.

For the three years she spent there she oversaw several minor refits as vessels with outdated internal systems docked with Starbase 6. Whilst the scope of the refits she oversaw was small scale compared to the ones attended too at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Niamh found the experience rewarding as was pleased to feel like her skills were constantly put to the test.

This period would, however, mark the first time Niamh O'Donoghue was reprimanded for misconduct. During a particular difficult refit of a particularly old Armstrong Type, Niamh discovered that the phase array they had planned on installing gave off a disturbing fluctuation in frequency during simulations. The older power relay of the ageing vessel struggled to maintain an adequate power flow and without constant maintenance the phase array would potentially be at risk of catastrophic failure, taking the units surrounding bulkhead with it in the eventual explosion.

Due to this, the refit had officially postponed until the vessel returned to the Sol system. Niamh, however, had different ideas and with the help of several refit and repair specialists, the Irishwoman began to partially integrate the new power relay over the older one localising the upgrade to systems essential to the phase relay. Not a perfect fix, but one that would see the Armstrong sent back out on a further tour before a major refit was essential. Despite the potential for success, Niamh was removed from the Armstrong recovery and the refit was removed before the Armstrong shipped out for Earth. As part of her punishment for ignoring orders, she was placed onto probation during which all of her work would require direct oversight from the stations Chief Engineer.

Several weeks after the incident she received a private transmission from Admiral Gavin, of the Corps of Engineers, offering her assignment on a new project that sought to streamline modular design and apply it to a ship they needed for an upcoming project codenamed Arcadia.

2261 - 2263:

Eager for the opportunity to create rather than install Niamh dived into the Arcadia project headfirst leading to her being given a senior role in the sub-project codenamed Defiant. The idea was to survey several of the newer Starfleet vessels and determine which would be the most suitable for a more modular refit. Whilst the Kelvin type had such capabilities it was determined earlier on that the cost of further enhancing the legacy vessel wouldn't be worth the work. Needed something large, yet also agile and with the capabilities to defend itself against what may be faced the Constitution Type was deemed the only vessel to tick all of the boxes. For her part, Niamh was tasked with designing a mag lock system that would enable entire compartments to undergo mission appropriate refits on the go. Niamh determined that the rooms that wouldn't remain static in function would all leave the line with empty compartments. From that point, Captains could configure their vessels to bespoke specifications to fulfil their mission. Science labs could be gutted, broken down by the replicator system and be remanufactured into furniture and equipment needed to create extra barracks. It wouldn't be a fast process and would require a fair amount of manual labour from the Engineering and Operations departments but it would provide the ship with flexibility comparable to a Starbase.

During this time Admiral Gavin noted that Niamh tended to shutter herself on when working on new concepts and would get frustrated when other's couldn't keep up. The Admiral put that down to the pressure the role entailed and after a couple of well-intended yet terse words Niamh began to improve. Eventually leading to her and her team successfully testing and installing her maglock systems aboard the Defiant. With her systems in place, the final layout was implemented preparing the vessel to join the frame of the Arcadia and look out for Starfleet's best interests on the frontier.

2263 - Current:

During the celebratory event that proceeded the completion of the USS Defiant, NCC-1764 a Rear Admiral Gates approached Niamh with the offer of a new assignment and position advancement. The USS Defiant would need a First Officer and Chief Engineer and Command believed Niamh was the perfect candidate for the role. Accepting the generous offer eagerly, pleased she would remain with the Defiant, and prepared herself to meet with the ships CO and start a new chapter in her life.
Service Record 2253 - 2258: Engineering Officer, USS Apollo, Kelvin Type

2258 - 2261: Asst. Chief Engineering Officer, Starbase 6

2261 - 2263:Senior Research and Design Specialist, Modular Systems, Project Defiant, Utopia Planitia, Deimos station

2363 - Current: First Officer/Chief Engineering Officer, USS Defiant

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