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Lieutenant Dante Bishop

Name Dante Bishop

Position Chief Helmsman

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 187.96 cm
Weight 99.79 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Dante is a tall man, with dark brown skin, a muscular physique, and strong masculine features. He keeps his hair trimmed short, in a classic fade, and his facial hair is worn in a variety of fashions, from a full beard to nearly clean-shaven. His off-duty attire usually consists of jeans and t-shirts, up to sweaters, or button-down shirts. He tries to look as nice as he can, having been raised to believe that a man should dress for the respect he wants, not the respect he gets. He speaks with a deep, resonant voice, slightly accented with a Southern North American accent, and is left-handed.


Father Jamal Bishop
Mother Janet Bishop nee Cooper
Brother(s) Andre Bishop, Charles Bishop
Sister(s) Angelique Dawson nee Bishop
Other Family Rashid Cooper (Cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dante's personality is smooth, and even tempered. Raised to know what it takes to be a man, and how to act like one, he is very responsible, and honest. Not a huge fan of crowds, he tends to be a homebody, and keeps to himself more often than not, though a quiet evening in a jazz or R&B lounge setting isn't completely out of the question from time to time. He makes friends slowly and tends to prefer to build deep relationships with people, rather than superficial acquaintances.

When on duty Dante is a consummate professional, focusing on the task at hand, and accepting only a minimum of distraction. Also, not afraid to speak his mind, and go for his goals he tends to be able to accomplish the things he sets his mind to and gain the respect of those he works with.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent

+ Forthright

+ Responsible

- Impossibly High Standards

- Opinionated

- Judgmental
Ambitions Dante has the goal of reaching a command of his own, and has consistently researched the best path, and laid the groundwork for the achievement of that goal.
Hobbies & Interests History, politics, sports, business, literature, music (jazz, hip hop, r&b), writing, sculpting, physical fitness, and community service.

Personal History Dante Bishop was born in Beaumont, TX, on June 16, 2235. His mother was an architect, and his father was a landscape designer, neither one having ever even stepped foot off Earth. The youngest of the couple's four children Dante grew up in a happy, but hectic home, and at times seemed to blend into the background. As a more quiet, introverted person, this was fine with him, and he was able to thrive on his own.

Dante's father, Jamal, never forced his children to do anything they wouldn't genuinely find interesting, or stimulating, but he always made sure to support them in their decisions. This helped Dante flourish as a young man, as he began to show interest in sports, and other outdoor activities, which his father also was interested in, creating a bond between them that would last throughout Jamal's lifetime.

In school Dante was a fair student, not given to wasting time, or cutting up, he applied himself to his studies, leaning on the example of a responsible man that his father supplied. In his extracurricular activities, especially student council, debate, and football, he excelled. His ability to focus on tasks and give his whole self to those things he truly felt passionate about made him a fantastic debater, and a devoted member of the student council, while his large frame, and powerful build were definite assets on the field of battle known as football.

Unlike most young men, Dante didn't struggle during adolescence. Thanks to the values, and knowledge instilled in him by his parents he was never a rebellious, or delinquent child. Instead, he allowed himself to experience the changes in his body, and learned about them, choosing to educate himself, and go forward with a bit of knowledge, instead of allowing himself to be carried away and end up with regrets. However, at the age of fifteen a tragedy would send him into a tailspin.

During a routine day's work Dante's father would be involved in a fatal accident and would leave Dante and his mother Janet alone in a house that suddenly felt empty. His older siblings already gone to begin their own lives, and now the rock of their family gone too, left them both deep in grief, and confusion. Three months later they would sell the house Dante grew up in, and move back to Dallas, where Janet was originally from, to live with her brother Malcolm, and his son Rashid. Dante and Rashid were the same age and having someone that shared his interests again helped him to cope with the loss of his father. Dante would not return to his extracurricular activities until he was a junior in high school, where he would return to football and student council for the remainder of his educational career.

After graduation from high school Dante sat down with his mother and let her know of his intention to apply to Starfleet Academy. His oldest brother had done so, nearly a decade earlier, and was already a lieutenant in the security division. It also helped that Rashid was interested in joining, and they planned to make the trip to the recruiters together. Surprised, but proud at the same time, Janet agreed that it would be a good move. She recognized his maturity, and drive, as well as his discipline, and knew they would serve him well in such a career.

Applying for entrance was the easy part, however. When it came time for the test he was surprised at how comprehensive, and thorough it was. While his abilities in certain subjects had never been phenomenal, he was still able to pass the test with high enough scores to ensure he would be considered for officer candidacy and chose to enter the Academy majoring in flight control, with a minor in starship operations.

The four years Dante spent at the Academy were highly formative for him. They took the raw recruit, with all his preconceived notions, and hang-ups, and tunneled down to the core of his being, building him back up with the values, and knowledge needed to do the job and to do it well. His own core values, of integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic, helped tremendously during this time, and he came out the other side proud to wear the gold tunic he was awarded on graduation day, denoting his advancement from cadet to ensign.

From there Dante would be assigned to his first post, the USS Reed, an older Kelvin-Class ship. It was a training vessel, and because of its age, and the fact that it hadn't been retrofitted with any of the latest technology, it was a monster to handle compared to newer ships in the fleet. Funnily enough, it turned out to be the best experience of his life. Hot bunking in rooms with up to six other people, doing rotating shift work where his schedule was constantly changing, eating on the fly, or sometimes not even getting to eat, and missing workouts he was accustomed to doing every single day threw his whole routine out the window and taught him to get creative and come up with novel solutions to his problems. When the year-long training cruise came to an end he felt as if he'd been forged in fire and was confident in ways he hadn't been as a raw ensign.

With that cruise out of the way, at the age of 23, Dante was assigned to his first true posting as a junior flight control officer. Aboard the USS Sarajevo, an Engle-Class ship, he was first given the gamma shift, working almost exclusively at night, unless special circumstances came up. His positive attitude, and his willingness to go above and beyond the duties assigned to him, however, caught the eye of both his department head and the ship's executive officer. A little over a year after coming aboard this would work strongly to his advantage.

After a long talk with both, where his performance and his goals were discussed he was granted an increase in rank to Lieutenant J.G., and reassigned to bravo shift, where he'd interact more often with the senior staff, and begin to take on more responsibility, sometimes even subbing in for ops officers to familiarize himself with that aspect as well. Thankful for the opportunity Dante threw himself into the work even harder than before and excelled. When the five-year mission was up, and it was time for the ship to be given a much-needed overhaul he left with a recommendation letter in hand from his department head, and the ship's command staff, confident he would be able to get a good posting.

In 2263, recommendation letter in hand, Dante would find himself up for a new posting, but with no clue what that was going to be. The USS Sarajevo put in at New Vulcan, and, since it wasn't going anywhere hear Earth that was as close as he was likely to get. He chose to go ahead and take leave there, while awaiting new orders, and would be quite surprised when he was approached by the captain of the newly launched USS Defiant, and offered a position as her Chief Helm Officer.
Service Record 2253-2257: Starfleet Academy

2257: Promoted to Ensign

2257-2258: USS Reed, Kelvin-Class, Junior Helm Officer

2258-2263: USS Sarajevo, Engle-Class, Junior Helm Officer/Relief Ops Officer

2261: Promotion to Lieutenant J.G.

2263: Promotion to Lieutenant

2263: Assigned to USS Defiant, Constitution-Class, Chief Helm Officer

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