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Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Name Anders Martin Odegaard

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Anders stands at roughly 6 foot 1 inches tall, with a muscular frame and keeps himself active. He has a strong Norwegian/English accent. His hair is normally a short back and sides and he usually keeps his facial hair fairly well groomed and maintained.

He is ambidextrous though his left hand is the more dominant one.


Father Petr Odegaard
Mother Bethany Odegaard
Brother(s) Ensign Simon Odegaard
Sister(s) Lieutenant Helga Odegaard

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anders is a fairly going guy, he cares a lot about his Crew and takes time to try and get to know them all as best he can. He is open to hearing ideas and listening to them. He takes his job seriously and as a Security Officer he understands the need to lead by example but also be firm but fair.

He is very goal driven and if he is assigned a task to complete he strives to achieve as efficiently as possible. Though this can lead him to be a little hot headed and ill tempered especially if he feels that people aren't pulling their weight as expected.

But on the whole he is very sociable and enjoys recreational activities such as sports and word games.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Extensive tactical knowledge and expertise, with particular emphasis on Starship Combat and Energy Weapons.

+ Skilled Criminal Investigator with additional training in criminology and criminal behaviour

- Known to be hot headed and ill tempered when he feels people are not pulling their weight.

-/+ Goal driven and career focused
Ambitions Anders has ambitions to have a command of his own one day, always looking ot apply for any additional courses or training that will help him achieve that objective.

He also aims to see as much of the galaxy as possible and meet unique cultures.
Hobbies & Interests In his spare time Anders is an avid History buff, with a keen knowledge in Military History and the early days of Starfleet. He also reads classic Literature such as Horror or Crime Fiction.

He plays the Cello.

Anders is also a big Ice Hockey and Soccer fan.

Personal History Anders was born in Oslo, Norway on October 7th 2231. His father was assigned as a civilian maintenance engineer to the Starfleet Outpost and his Mother at the time was a Starfleet Security Officer assigned to the facility. He was the yougnest of his siblings with his sister Helga bein 2 years older than him and his brother being 4 years younger. Due to the nature of his parents careers the family moved around an awful lot but they had a permanent home in Oslo just outside the city.

His education was fairly standard with above average grades in most subjects, though his history sports subjects were some of the highest in his class.

With the approval of his parents Anders enrolled into Starfleet Academy in 2249 choosing to follow in the path of his mother and selecting Security and Tactical studies. From that point on he knew that this was what he wanted to do, he excelled in small unit based tactics and energy weapon courses though his history and alien cultural studies were just as good. Anders also undertook classes in criminal investigation. And by 2353 he finished in the top 10 of his class with suitable grades and skills. Though his instructors noted that whilst he was a team player and shrewd investigator he often came into conflict with the less than focused of his peers.

Upon graduating in 2253 the young Ensign was assigned as a Security Officer aboard the USS Dauntless. His first assignment out of Starfleet Academy led him to experience and undertake a great many things, from fleshing eating bacteria to pirate raids.

In 2256 Anders was reassigned to the Investigation Branch of Starfleet Security, a time which he called one of his personal favourite as a Starfleet Officer at this point. He worked on a significant number of cases and was seriously injured whilst in the process of trying to apprehend a Tellarite Serial Killer, suffering severe stab wounds. Followed by rehabilitation unti 2258.

Following a long stint recovering and working a light case load it soon became apparent that whilst he enjoyed the active side of things he did not enjoy desk work. With a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade he applied for a transfer to a Starship posting.

Reassigned to the USS Callisto as her Security Chief, Anders rediscovered his love of deep sapce. Using his time on the Newton type Ship to work on his command skills, he was occasionally assigned as the Nightshift commanding officer for extra experience.

By 2261 Annders took the opportunity to serve on the Constitution Class, USS Victory as her Security Chief with a promotion to full Lieutenant. His time on the Victory led him to come face to face with species such as the Gorn, Naussicans and even the Klingons. His role as Security Chief also meant that he took part in 6 First Contact Missions as well as numerous secondary contaxts.

As of 2264 Anders is being assigned to the USS Defiant as her Chief of Security.
Service Record Born - 2231 in Oslo, Norway.

2249/2253 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy as a Cadet in the Security and Tactical speciality with secondary and tertiary education in alien culture studies and history. Undertook additonal courses in Criminal Investiagtion.

2253/2256 - Assigned to the Armstrong Class ship USS Dauntless as a Security Officer and relief Bridge Officer.

2256/2259 - Reassigned to Starfleet Security and the investigative Branch as an investigator, Badly wounded in 2257 whilst apprehending a fugitive. Taken out of the field following rehabilitation in 2258 and assigned as a Team Leader with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2259/2261 - Transferred to the USS Callisto as Security Chief, would on occasion fill in as Nightshift Officer of the Watch for addiotnal command experience.

2261/2264 - Moved to the USS Victory once again as Security Chief and promoted to Lieutenant in 2262.

2264 - Took up posting as Security Chief on the USS Defiant.

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