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Ensign Adalind Nyffs

Name Adalind Nyffs

Position Communications Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human x Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 152cm (5’0”)
Hair Color Strawberry Blond
Eye Color Royal Blue
Physical Description Shoulder length wavy strawberry blond hair, silky smooth sun-kissed skin and royal blue eyes. Yet, her smile easily makes her approachable but don’t let that her looks fool you. Tailored uniforms to help to accentuate her natural beauty which was for her was her ass. Adalind saw her curves, her sun-kissed skin and wavy strawberry blond hair as an asset, something she could use in her favor, and the cherry on top she loved and enjoyed flaunting it.


Father Asher Mir (Human)
Mother T’sos Nyffs (Betazoid)
Other Family (Also I need to find some names I like for T'sos's parents, Adalind's grandparents and few other family members on the Nyffs side)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adalind is highly intelligent, is always poised and graceful which comes off as arrogant, and has ruffled some feathers of crews she has been apart of. Her surface personality which comes off as seductive, manipulative, and aloof which sometimes did come off as uncaring, all of these traits are used by Adalind to protect her "true-self"; which only a few have seen, this side of her is warmer, open, and willing to trust others. but until the walls come down her aloofness and even snakiness is what is seen.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong knowledge of communication, from what's being used now, to what's been used and what's coming down the pipeline
+ Skilled in xenolinguistics along with semantics
+/- Studied the idea of physiognomy
- Lacking in self-defense both hand to hand and small arms
Ambitions (Really not sure what I want Adalind to be ambitious to heh)
Hobbies & Interests Call what you want, but "people watching" is Adalind's primary hobby and interest

Personal History T'sos had no intentions of becoming pregnant or a mother, but here she was pregnant and about to become a mother. The father Asher Mir, a 3rd generation Boomer, so when T'sos found out that she was pregnant it took several months before a message could get to Asher, the father, than several months later before they were able to discuss it in person. But, by that time Asher made it back to Betazed T'sos had to make a decision and the she decided to keep the baby, which didn't fit with his plans.

Asher didn't want anything to do with the child, but did understand the responsibility of having a child, so he promised to find ways to help support them which included getting messages to his child as often as he could. So, T'sos was left alone, well not alone T'sos did have her family but they weren't thrilled that she was having a mixed child.

Adalind was born in 2234, perfectly healthy, slightly underweight but nothing to dangerous. T'sos's family were very well off something she was not proud of and didn't want nothing to do with, but that was fine when it was just her now she had a child. So, T'sos ended up moving back into her family's "compound" where she was free, but not really, if she wanted the help and support from her family she had to abide their rules. Which included several visits to doctors to see what type of half-breed she'll be in regards of her empathic/telepathic abilities.

This was ongoing for Adalind's first 10 years of life until they finally realized she did have some empathic and telepathic abilities, which was a bit shocking, as doctors were still not 100% sure why those abilities manifested in some half-breeds and not others. So, Adalind was quickly enrolled in a school where she would be trained to use these abilities, and how to build walls around her to protect herself. The next 11 years of her life was spent in primary and secondary schools training her empathic/telepathic abilities along with general studies.

Adalind was a natural with her abilities and building her walls, now there is a downside of having a natural and quick learning curve and that was boredom, and that got and continues to get Adalind into trouble. It was nothing ever invasive, just lowering one walls to pick things, eavesdrop in a sense, things like that. Now in her teens was when she was getting into bigger trouble, trouble that the Nyff's family didn't want to deal with.

But, T'sos loved her daughter so she made a huge sacrifice. She cut ties with her family, and moved herself and Adalind to Earth, just outside of London. For the next three years, her mother worked several jobs and tried to keep Adalind out of the trouble, and finally on Adalind's 21st birthday, her answers were answered when a Starfleet recruiter got through to Adalind and convinced her to join the Academy.

So at 21 Adalind was slightly older then most of the other cadets, but that didn't bug Adalind all that much, in her teens she had quickly realized that her charm, intellect and her body could be used to well, get her what she wanted. It was quickly realized that her strength was within communication, she quickly learned the systems and all the corks of said system, especially subspace relay network.

Now, things got crazy in her third year, the craziest and most devastating event in Federation history happened, a very angry Romulan destroyed Vulcan with his elaborate and modified mining ship. But, for Adalind it was just that a devastating event, she didn't know anyone on Vulcan, she was saddened with the loss of life, but for that was all it was a long list of loss of life.

Than something even crazier happened, a man named Khan appeared took over some secret Starfleet ship called the Vengeance into San Francisco. Again like with Vulcan she was lucky and didn't know anyone who died in devastation but it did hit closer to home which did shake Adalind up a little. Once things got back to semi-normalcy Adalind graduated the academy and was assigned the USS Heyerdahl a old Saladin class patrol vessel as a communication specialist.

Just over month into her first tour she was quickly promoted to full communications officer, as she proved herself quiet efficient and well-liked. Which was a major turn on how she was prior to the academy, but signs of that personality started poking out, as soon as things slowed down, or were just quiet. As her first tour was wrapping up she got some new orders, a transfer to the USS Melbourne a Sydney class transport where she was to assume the role of chief communication officer.

(So not quite done with the history, need some time to think, but hopefully this'll be enough to get approved)
Service Record 2255 (Age 21) Starfleet Academy focus in communications 
2259 (Age 25) Graduated Starfleet Academy as a communication specialist
2259 (Age 25) Served aboard the USS Herydahl a Saladin-class patrol vessel as an communications specialist 
2259 (Age 25) month and a half into tour While serving on the Herydahl she was promoted to communications officer
2260 (Age 26) After her second tour on the Herydahl she was transferred to the USS Melbourne a Sydney-class transport and promoted to chief communications officer
2261 (Age 27) After her first tour on the USS Melbourne she was quickly transferred to the USS Saratoga as which meant big trouble was coming down the pipe for Adalind, weirdly she kept her rank and position as communications officer
2262 (Age 28) thru 2265 (Age 31) She served on the Saratoga under a microscope, now she did get promoted to chief communications officer
2266 (Age 32) Adalind was once again transferred, no reason was given to her, this time she was transferred to the USS Defiant to hold the same position chief communications officer

(Below is a short timeline just to help keep things straight as I write and finish up her history)

Age 0, Birth 2234
Age 10 thru 19, Primary and secondary schooling on Betazed 2244 thru 2253
Age 19 thru Age 21, Moved to Earth, outside of London 2253 thru 2256
Age 21, joined Starfleet Academy 2255
Age 24, Cadet third year/Vulcan attacked and destroyed 2258
Age 25, graduated Starfleet Academy/Khan crashing the Vengeance into San Francisco 2259

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