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Lieutenant Rinix

Name Rinix

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Denobulan
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 172lbs
Hair Color Brown with streaks of grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Beige-skinned and with the prominent dermal ridges of his species, Rinix cannot be mistaken for anything other than a Denobulan.

Of average height and weight for his people, Rinix doesn’t stand out in a crowd apart from his piercing grey eyes. Although like most Denobulans he will resort to smiles and laughter to brush off any serious enquiries into his wellbeing, his eyes betray a quiet seriousness unique to himself.

Although to humans, and other shorter-lived species, Rinix appears on the brink of retirement, due to Denobulans tampering with their genetic structure he has the youth and vigour of a human half his age. Not that he often uses it – he has the fine physique of a man dedicated to his scientific calling, and the hours of research and report-writing that entails. Starfleet’s PT regime has only slightly impacted this.


Spouse Vesena (1st Wife) Sabra (2nd Wife) Natala (3rd Wife, deceased) Yolen (husband) Secka (4th Wife)
Children Retelan (4th son, deceased) Lusis (5th daughter, deceased)
Father Atan (birth father)
Mother Forlisa (birth mother)
Brother(s) Many brothers
Sister(s) Many sisters
Other Family Many aunts, uncles and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Due to his Denobulan culture, most people would say that Rinix is a cheerful sort who would get along with anyone he meets. He is, however, a Denobulan who feels things deeply and often needs to think through his emotions in private or with a good friend.

Denobulans have been conditioned to be mindful of others and Rinix will rarely disturb the equilibrium of the ship in order to solve his own personal issues. That said he’s confident of his own professional facts and opinions and believes it a waste of his time not to offer them when asked.

No fan of violence to solve his personal issues, he can see its utility. Rinix can also be goaded to anger if sufficiently provoked. As with many Denobulans his trigger point is his extended family, though as they’re scattered across two quadrants it is rare that they spend time close together.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Resilient – in the face of all that his life has thrown at him, Rinix believes, and understands, that he can cope with the majority of it. It gives him a confidence and a poise rare in younger people.
+ Top Scientist – with multiple qualifications, particularly in physics and chemistry, the Denobulan is an accomplished scientist with papers published in both military and civilian journals.
+/- Analytical mind – Rinix prefers to take stock calmly and reflect before taking action in any given situation. Although this is fine in a laboratory setting, in the field it could be a problem.
+/- Will put others before himself – Denobulans are mindful of others’ feelings and will often suppress their own natural reactions for the good of the many.
+/- Denobulans are used to living cheek-by-jowl and in large extended families – a benefit to living aboard a starship as they are constantly surrounded by others, but also a source of stress as they’re required to live apart from their families for extended periods of time.
Ambitions Eventually Rinix intends to retre from Starfleet and take up a teaching position at one of the many universities in the Federation, though he would prefer a prestigious establishment like the First University on Denobula or the University of Alpha Centauri, or even Starfleet Academy on Earth.

He would also like to build a large, sprawling home for himself and his extended family to use when they call in for celebrations or for holidays. This would necessitate a home away from Denobula as space is scarce on his homeworld.
Hobbies & Interests Reading for pleasure is one of Rinix’s main hobbies. He enjoys nothing more than devouring a good book. When he has the time to listen he also enjoys a good Klingon Opera. Playing various games such as chess, Go or Kal-Toh to keep his brain exercised is also bring him pleasure. A quiet hobby he seldom talks about is his writing of pulpy adventures for his character, Captain Xant, Starfleet’s first and finest Denobulan Commanding Officer.

Personal History 2199-2220 – Early Years

Rinix was born to Atan and Forlisa on Denobula, a stone’s throw away from the Magistrate’s Tower, the seat of Denobulan political power. Both his parents were involved in coordinating the planetary government’s activities in various departments. This necessitated that they spend copious amounts of their time away from the family home, ensuring that their work was done to the best of their abilities.

As for Rinix, he was brought up the traditional way, surrounded by relations and the community, and so did not suffer from seeing his parents so little. Communal living was a way of life for the Denobulans, and Rinix had no cause to think this was unusual. He was marked out from an early age for his seriousness, and willingness to let it show, an unusual trait in a Denobulan. Nevertheless he was nothing less than polite or conforming to the societal norms expected of him.

As he grew older it was clear that he was quite interested in the sciences, and his parents, and wider family, encouraged him to pursue that path. Finding a genuine pleasure in Physics and Chemistry he threw himself into his studies, usually placing in the top ten per cent of his class. As a teenager, he realised that he would enjoy pursuing the subjects still further and applied to the First University to study physics.

In 2219 to celebrate his acceptance to university for the following year, the extended family opted to take a holiday on a pleasure planet not far from the Denobula Triaxa system. Disaster struck, however, in the form of Nausicaan pirates who attacked and disabled their civilian transport. It was only the timely intervention of Starfleet, who responded to their distress call, that allowed the civilians aboard the ship to survive. His first encounter with Starfleet would leave a deep impression on the serious-minded Denobulan.

2220-2227 – University Years

Time at the First University passed in a blur for the young Denobulan. Having only reached his year of majority at the beginning of the academic year, he was one of the youngest undergraduates at the establishment. He was also one of the hardest workers, preferring to throw himself into his work. In future years it would be a source of amusement for him and his first wife, Vesena, that he noticed her let alone managed to find the time to court and marry her by the end of his Masters year.

After the completion of his Masters, Rinix opted to pursue the Denobulan equivalent of a PhD, sponsored by the Denobulan Space Ministry due to his excellent grades. At the end of his time, he published a paper on subspace physics that contained a few minor breakthroughs and earned him a permanent job as a scientist attached to the Space Ministry

2227-2241 – Early Career, Federation Membership & Tragedy

The first six years of Rinix’s scientific career were quiet. He went about his work for the Denobulan Space Ministry, working on programs to improve their ships’s warp capabilities, and found the time to acquire a few more undergraduate degrees in chemistry and quantum physics. He also met his second, Sabra, and third, Natala, wives during this period, settling in to creating the typical Denobulan family. Soon there were children from the three family sets running around his home. He could not be happier.

2233 began to change all that. Denobula had always been close to the Federation ever since its founding, but had always stayed apart. The Kelvin Incident changed that. With an unknown event precipitating the loss of one of Starfleet’s vessels, the Federation and Denobula decided that close cooperation was needed, and the Denobulans accelerated their plans to join the interstellar power.

For Rinix the integration of Denobula into the Federation by 2236 allowed him to participate in the program that investigated the Kelvin’s disappearance. As a lower-ranked member of the investigative committee, Rinix couldn’t influence the report’s findings, but it did allow him to come into contact with Starfleet once more, and to be once more impressed by their curiosity and work ethic.

The next half decade would see collaboration between the DSM and Starfleet grow, and Rinix was at the center of it, often spending time travelling between the core Federation worlds and Denobula. It was a trying time for the man, as with all Denobulans he required extensive counselling and preparation for the separation from his family and people. He copes well enough, but Space Loss was an ever-present danger in his early voyages across the Federation.

In 2241, Natala, his third wife offered to accompany him on one of his frequent trips to Earth along with their two children, Retelan and Lusis. Although reluctant, Rinix agreed, hoping that it would prove to be a better experience for himself. The voyage to Earth ended in disaster at around the halfway point, the ship being ripped out of subspace due to the error of a freshman navigator. A jagged hole ripped from stem to stern immobilised the ship and killed half the crew and passengers.

Including Rinix’s wife and children.

It took a few years for Rinix to begin to recover from the loss of his third family.

2241-2260 – Starfleet Academy, First Voyages

Following the death of his wife and children, Rinix was a changed man. He was no longer satisfied with the life Denobula could provide him. His children from his first two marriages were now either adults or approaching their age of majority, and he felt free to take a radical decision.
The Denobulan enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Though by no means a rarity, he was one of the oldest to do so for many a year. Worried for his wellbeing, both his wives and his youngest children accompanied him to make their home in San Francisco on Earth. He would be forever grateful to their decision to do so.

As an older cadet, Rinix had few distractions from his studies, for which he was grateful. The Starfleet Academy syllabus was challenging and stretched him in ways he had not felt for years. Nevertheless, over the eight years he was at the Academy he enjoyed taking part in the Academy’s creative writing society, particularly delighting in the annual Arthur Machen pulp horror night, and playing various board games with other like-minded cadets. Once more he was unable to turn down the opportunity to gain a PhD, opting for biochemistry in this case. He graduated in 2238 and was soon assigned a cadet cruise. Though he was accomplished enough to pick his assignment, he opted to go wherever Starfleet sent him.

His cadet cruise went smoothly, and he was offered the post of Science Officer aboard the USS Leibniz, a Newton-class science vessel. Although he had to leave his family behind for his first five-year mission, Rinix thoroughly enjoyed his time aboard the ship as the Leibniz went about its business cataloguing gaseous anomalies in the Alpha Quadrant.

Rinix opted to remain with the Leibniz after his first deep space tour with them. He found that they had become another family to him, performing a similar function as a wider Denobulan family would. He was also especially appreciative of his mentor, the Vulcan Chief Science and Executive Officer T’Skon. The two of them formed a fast friendship, despite Rinix being outwardly gregarious and effusive in his emotions.

An abrupt change came about in their professional relationship after the destruction of Vulcan. As with many of their countrymen, T’Skon resigned their commission and made their way to the colony of New Vulcan to assist in the stabilisation and recovery of their people. Rinix has always regretted that he benefitted from the destruction of Vulcan in a professional manner – he was promoted to Assistant Chief of Science with the rank of Lieutenant (JG) due to the departure of his mentor. It is a source of pleasure for Rinix, however, that they are still in contact.

The following year proved a close shave for his family back on Earth. Both his first and second wife were present on Earth when the USS Vengeance crashed into San Francisco Bay. Luckily, the family had moved further inland from San Francisco some months beforehand. Rinix spent several weeks soul-searching whether he should retire his commission and take his family back to the relative safety of Denobula. He was talked out of this by his commanding officer.
2260-2264 – Second Five Year Mission & Defiant

Following the end of his second tour with the Leibniz, Rinix was awarded with a promotion to full Lieutenant and a transfer to the newly commissioned USS Mason, a Mayflower class vessel that was one of the first Starfleet vessels since the Kelvin incident to be built with a pure emphasis on scientific exploration. Though not as large or prestigious as a Constitution-class vessel, to Rinix it was an honour he had been entrusted with a prominent position aboard a ship that was essentially crewed by his scientific peers.

The Mason underwent a five-year cruise of the Alpha Quadrant, encountering myriad civilisations including the Cardassians and Talarians towards the end of their tour. After his exemplary performance as the Assistant Chief, in 2264 Rinix was offered a transfer to become the Chief Science Officer of the USS Defiant.

It took him all of five seconds to accept.
Service Record 2241-48 – Starfleet Academy Sciences
2248-49 – Cadet cruise – USS Leibniz, Newton Class
2250-54 – Ensign - Science Officer – USS Leibniz, Newton Class
2255-58 – Ensign – Science Officer – USS Leibniz, Newton Class
2258-59 – Lieutenant (JG) – Assistant Chief Science Officer – USS Leibniz, Newton Class
2260-64 – Lieutenant – Assistant Chief Science Officer – USS Mason, Mayflower Class

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