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Broken bones and new meetings

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 6:58pm by Lieutenant Yisril Turran & Lieutenant Rinix

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Sickbay

The doors to the pristine white interior of Sickbay opened with a dramatic flourish. Rinix, flanked by two crewmen in red was hobbled in as he held his right forearm with his left hand. The crewmen were sympathetic, if not a little amused at the Denobulan's predicament. For his part the Denobulan looked equal parts pained and chagrined as he was assisted to a medical bed. He sat down with a sigh, and thanked the two crewmen who exchanged looks as they left.

Yisril noticed the Denobulan Lieutenant as he was being left on the biobed, noticed the way he was holding on to his forearm, grabbed a medical scanner and briskly walked over to him. "Lieutenant Rinix, isn't it? I'm Doctor Turran, what's happened with your arm?"

'Doctor Turran,' Rinix grunted through the pain. 'A pleasure, to be sure. Uh, unfortunately I happened. Literally taking a hike is not always to be recommended, Doctor. I sprained an ankle, fell, and somehow did this to my elbow.'

"Wish we could have met under nicer circumstances, Lieutenant," she said and gave him a quick smile, "Let's have a look at exactly what you did to your elbow." She powered up the medical scanner and frowned down at the device, "Yes I see it, you've managed to fracture your Olecranon, that is the large, bony prominence at the back. It has begun to swell, but it is a simple fracture. It'll require some osto-regeneration, and I am going to give you some painkillers. Are you allergic to any? I am afraid I've not had the time to go through everyone's medical files." She put the scanner aside, and picked up the osteo-regenerator, tapping on it a few times, and pointed it at Rinix' elbow. "Please hold still," she instructed, while the regenerator did its thing.

'Hmmm, well Earth-based opioids tend to make me woozy for a few days. Not sure if that's an allergen or a Denobulan reaction to them,' Rinix shrugged, 'at times like these I do regret not taking more biology classes!' Rinix pulled a face as he held his elbow still. 'And I suppose today is as good as any to meet the Chief Medical Officer. I suppose with our expertises we'll be working closely together no doubt.' He took a closer look at the younger doctor, noticing the spots that ran along her forehead. A Trill, interesting. He made a mental tally. Never served with one before.

“I think so yes,” she agreed, moving the regenerator up and down in small movements, eyes on the screen. “It could be an allergy, I’ll give you a dosage of a Trill pain medication, and please tell me if it feels different.” Finishing her treatment, she put the regenerator away, and looked him in the eye. “There, keep it still for the rest of the day, and if it’s still sore in a day or two, I’ll have a look at it again, she said. “Let me look at the ankle.” Still in professional mode, she looked a little closer at the Denobulan. She’d met a few, one was a pilot on her last posting, but she knew he was right and they’d have a closer cooperation than she’d had with Sabra.

'A whole day?' Rinix squeaked indignantly, 'but there's so much to do. There's subordinates to meet, and inventory to take and logs to log - oh my!' Rinix's train of thought was interrupted, 'congratulations. This pain medication is quite effective.' A dreamlike haze settled over the Denobulan's eyes before he shook it off. 'Much better than the standard. Feel free to check out the ankle. Hopefully just a sprain.'

“I’m glad it works for you,” she said, “A whole day yes. Especially when you’re on painkillers like this.” She gently felt his ankle with her hands, and scanned it, confirming her suspicion. “You are right it is just sprained.” She took another regenerator and pointed it to the injury. “It should feel normal in a few hours.”

'Why thank you, Doctor,' replied Rinix breezily. 'Am I able to walk on it, or should I stay here for a bit?'

"Stay here for a couple of minutes, and then you should be fine," she said. "How does it feel now? any pain? Discomfort?"

Flexing his ankle and leg at the knee, Rinix nodded, 'it's a bit tight, but I suppose that's to be expected. No pain at all. The regenerator seems to have done a stellar job, Doctor.' He smiled, 'I can tell this isn't your first sprained ankle or fracture.'

"Tightness yes, it is, but if it doesn't let up in a few hours, come back," she smiled a little smile. "No it is not, small injuries like that is very common on a starship, I did some of my residency on a space station, I've seen my fair share of broken bones, torn ligaments sprained ankles and the like," she said. "So you should be perfectly fine." She paused, "What were you working on?" she then asked.

'Crops,' replied Rinix succinctly. 'I was down on the surface assisting an old friend with their crops. I decided to hike up to an outcrop not far from the farmsteads location.' He smiled a little less woozily this time, 'I am many things Doctor, but coordinated isn't one of them.'

"Good thing we have the newest medical instruments at our disposal, then," said Yisril, "You look less woozy now than a few minutes ago, but if you feel queasy, I'd like you to stay here until you don't anymore, so you don't walk out an injure yourself further."

'If you're not too busy, that sounds quite pleasant,' Rinix replied with a smile. 'If you have the time perhaps we can do the typical and exchange notes on how we got here and why?'

"I'm not," Yisril said. "I served on the Proxima just before I applied here, she was an old ship and was decommissioned, I needed a new posting and it happened that the Defiant needed a CMO. I thought a brand new ship would be a nice new start," she smiled. "How about you?"

'Well, I was on the Mason last. A tour of deep space until it finished. I quite enjoyed my time there, if I were honest. But once the voyage was up, I thought I was done with Starfleet.' He smiled, 'until the Captain found me on leave on New Vulcan and persuaded me this was not an opportunity to be missed. I hope she's not wrong.'

"Why did you think you wanted out? If you don't mind me asking," She was curious, not least because she'd also once seriously considered leaving Starfleet and her career behind.

'Oh I don't mind at all. It's good to talk.' Rinix smiled and considered his answer. 'Starfleet has always been of interest to me. But my family comes first. I felt at the end of the Mason's tour that I had indulged myself enough, and I ought to reunite with them, take a quiet job somewhere in the Federation.' He glanced at the younger Trill. 'You yourself mentioned a new start?'

"Ah yes, Denobulans have a bit of a complicated family structure don't you?" she smiled briefly. "I was rejected for Joining, and it 'knocked the stuffing out', as they say on Earth. "But then I realised I love being a Doctor, and I love Space."

'Denobulans have as complicated a relationship with their families as much as Trills have a complicated relationship with Joining,' replied Rinix kindly, 'that is, it seems complicated to outsiders, but is entirely natural to themselves. As much as it pains me to be away from my wives, my husband and my children, I wouldn't have it any other way. And neither would they, I think. Or hope. You'll have to explain the Joining to me some time, when you're comfortable and if it doesn't prove too painful a topic - I wouldn't want to put you under any emotional turbulence to fulfil my scientific curiosity.'

"I didn't mean to imply it was a weird thing," she said. "Yes, Joining does seem weird to outsiders. I don't think us Unjoined fully understand it either." She smiled a little sadly, "I would like to explain, but perhaps in a more relaxed environment than with you on a biobed." She took the tricorder again, "Let me have a look at how that shoulder fraction looks;" she powered it up and begun scanning, but continued chatting. "How many children have you between you?"

'Directly mine? Six, so far. Though there will probably be a large gap between numbers six and seven.' He thought for a moment, 'if you count children from other pairings, particularly my husband's there's nearer thirty in the family,' Rinix smiled proudly. The size of his family was a source of pleasure for him. 'The oldest are now parents, so we're constantly growing. There's an old Earth-style photograph on the wall in my quarters, I can show you some time.' The Denobulan flinched slightly under the Doctor's touch. 'I am sorry to be such a bother.'

"I apologise if it hurt," Yisril said, "It is what I do, no bother at all," she smiled. "That is a large family, I have one brother, three grandparents, and a couple of uncles and cousins but that is about it. I would like to see yours." She returned her attention to the fraction, "It heals as it is supposed to, but if you're in pain, we can up the dosage of pain medication?"

'Please,' replied Rinix with a smile, 'the Denobulan constitution is fairly robust, I think I can handle another shot in Sickbay.' He smiled gently, 'by Denobulan standards the size of your family is quite small. But from the relations you mention it sounds similar to what I had growing up - plenty of aunts and uncles, blood relatives and not, raising us. On Denobula it truly takes a village to raise a child.' His smile turned a little awkward, 'forgive me for prying, but you didn't mention any parents?'

Yisril walked to the nearest supply closet to receive a fresh hypo of painkillers, that she suppressed into the Denobulan's neck, "There we go. It should feel better soon, yes I have read that you are generally a tough species." She chuckled briefly, "Not at all, my parents are alive and well.. I didn't think about how it could be interpreted. My mother is serving on Starbase 20 as a Security officer. My father is working at the Trill Science Academy. A village indeed, especially when you have so many children! We put a lot of stock into raising our children as well, Trill is a very, science-minded society."

'Science-minded?' Rinix broke into a smile once more, as much as for her comment as for the painkillers. 'Well, that is a refreshing change to find a society where science is so highly valued. More's the pity that there are so few of them. Take Denobula, for example, we prize science after a fashion, but we also place undue value on our military exploits, I feel.' He paused for a moment. 'I'm glad the answer to my question is a happy one. But I see you're family would understand more than most what distance can do to one. Is it a normal thing for Trill partners be so far apart? I only ask as on Denobula it's fairly common for families to be scattered far and wide.'

Yisril returned the smile, "Yes, I'd say so. Especially for Joined Trill, exploring and acquiring new knowledge is important to us. We're not many in Starfleet, but we do tend to fly far from the nest, so to speak. What about your parents, if you'll excuse my curiosity?"

'My biological or social parents?' Asked Rinix with a laugh, 'I have nothing but praise for either set, if I was being honest. Without their support I don't think I would have gotten far. Lucky for me, both my parents worked for the planetary government. Although they worked long hours they were there at the end of every day and they encouraged me greatly as I grew up.'

"I think there's another aspect of your culture I am unfamiliar with," she said. "But I suppose, since you have several spouses, the people who did not directly create you would be your social parents?" she asked. "I was encouraged too." Sometimes the expectations could become too much, but she didn't want to pour out her insecurities on Rinix at their first meeting.

'Parents are usually anything but - it seems to be their drive, if I'm a typical specimen,' Rinix replied warmly, 'yes, you could say that social parents are those wives and husbands who are attached to your birth parents. But it's still a little bit too narrow a definition, if you don't mind me saying. I really do mean that the whole community around you takes charge when it comes to raising children. It's notoriously rare that you don't get a Denobulan who has a drive to parent a child. Whether that's something hardwired into our DNA or just a form of culturisation, I couldn't really say.'

"Oh, nurture versus nature, right? I don't know. I don't mind at all, having my presumptions challenged is healthy. I am just grateful you're willing to answer my questions," she said, her mood raising. "It all sounds like you're one big family."

'For the most part, yes, that's the cultural norm. I'm sure there are some Denobulans out there who wish it weren't the case. And I'm sure there are some who form a nuclear family as it's termed and are determined to raise their children on their own, though it is exceedingly rare. But who knows what persistent contact with other species will do to our concepts of family units? For both Trill and Denobulans there could be drastic changes in the future.' Rinix smiled that wide Denobulan smile kindly, 'I can assure you, Doctor, I will always be happy to converse in a scientific exchange, no matter how difficult the topic.'

"indeed. No culture is a vacuum, we all rub off of each other," she agreed. "Same to you, Lieutenant, exchanging experiences and knowledge is part of why I joined Starfleet in the fist place." She smiled, "How are you feeling now?"

'Much better, thank you,' Rinix stated as he tried out his joints. 'In fact, Doctor I think I'm as good as new thanks to your ministrations. And, just in case you need it reinforced, I'll always be happy to swap stories about different experiences and knowledge, if you would be interested?'

"Good. I hereby release you from Sickbay. If you have any trouble, please do come back. Yes of course! I assume we are on roughly the same shifts, we might meet at breakfast or lunch," she said pleasantly.

'That would be quite suitable,' replied Rinix warmly, glad he had seemingly made a new acquaintance aboard ship. He stepped to his feet gingerly, then finding nothing wrong, stood on his own two feet with a wide smile. 'Thank you again Doctor - now I'll leave you to more important work than tending to clumsy scientists!'

"Not at all, I am here for tending to injuries," Yiril smiled, finding the Denobulan's smile and sunny mood infectious. "I will see you another time."

'Count on it,' replied Rinix with a wave as he walked out the Sickbay doors.


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