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Mischievous hijinks anyone?

Posted on Sat Mar 20th, 2021 @ 8:03am by Ensign Adalind Nyffs & Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Officer's Lounge
Timeline: MD 1 - Early Evening

After finishing getting her quarters set, or at least feeling more like they were on the Saratoga, that was her little OCD that she had for making herself at home. So instead of just hanging in her room, which was never her, she went back to the officer's lounge, feeling that need to have some fun or cause some mischievous hijinks.

The walk to the lift, the lift ride, and the short walk to the lounge were brisk, along with turning a few heads as she walked by, which she always enjoyed. "Welcome back, same as before?" The bartender asked recognizing her from before.

"No surprise me," Adalind said finding that she was really only truly nice to bartenders from the get-go, and plus she did enjoy being surprised, the bartender just smiled and nodded as he prepared a drink for her. It was simple, truly simple whiskey with one medium size cube.

"I see this suiting you quite well, simple but very very elegant and sophisticated at the same time," he said giving her a wink. Adalind looked at it and had to agree.

"I think you and I are gonna be great friends," Adalind said with a smirk as she watched the bartender go off and help some other customers.

Anders was by the window of the lounge, a freshly prepared Andorian Sunrise in hand and his book, though more specifically the latest copy of the famed 'Grey illusion' Crime series in its exceedingly limited edition hardback form. The Lieutenant had been reading it since he had settled on the Defiant.

Adalind slowly sipped on her whiskey as she searched the lounge, not sure what she was looking for, but well she did know what she was looking for. {Intersting, a person reading an actual book,} she thought as she slid off of her stool and walked over to him, "...I am impressed to see an actual book," she said taking a seat in the small booth.

"You should consider a trip to the New York City Library on Earth." Was his response as he remained firmly fixed on the pages of his book. "They have every conceivable form of fictional and non-fictional literature you can imagine....."

Adalind nodded, truth was she did enjoy a good book well for her novellas was more her style. Short, sweet, and filled with drama, "...I'll definitely keep that in mind," she said softly sipping her whiskey, letting her walls down a little, deciding to temp a little eave dropping, not so much on thoughts but more on emotions, allowing her empathic side to come out. "So, what are you reading?"

"It's the latest in the Grey Illusion series of crime books," Anders replied as he stopped looking at his book to see who was asking him questions, not expecting to be disturbed. "A long-running crime series based in the early part of the 21st century."

Adalind nodded, taking a sniff of her whiskey enjoying the smell as much as the taste, well let's be honest the taste is what you are really after. "So, you gonna introduce yourself?"

"That depends Ensign," Anders replied as he motioned to the empty seat opposite him. "You first hm?"

Adalind eyed him a little confused, seeing as she was sitting already her empath side just picking up calm and oddly suaveness coming from him, "hmm, interesting proposition, but as I asked first I think you should" Adalind said enjoying this game.

"That's a very good point but I can also order you to give me your name and your position on the Defiant." Anders mused to the young woman who had felt the need to communicate with him. "Privileges of rank and all that......"

The Captain, as if from nowhere, slammed a hand between the two. "Odegaard, Anders. Lieutenant. Tactical. Nyffs, Adalind. Ensign. Comms. Have a great night." She then immediately departed with no further comment.

Adalind didn’t jump or flinch, as if she had sensed something already, “hrm...seems the captain didn’t have times for games like this tonight,” Adalind said a small twinkle in her deep dark eyes could be barely seen. “Too bad, I can see playing games with the captain to be quite a fun and enjoyable thing,” Adalind said with a smirk.

"Well, Adalind Nyffs it's nice to meet you." He responded politely to her. The Security Officer finally deciding to close his book.

“Anders, a decent first name, sounds strong,” Adalind said still studying the man, finding security to be a bit of a brutish department but did understand why the department was needed, “...last name not so sure, a bit of a mouthful, don’t you think?” She said taking another sip of her drink, curious to see how he’ll react to that statement.

"I'm Norwegian so what do you expect?" Anders responded to her question. "Though I am guessing you're not exactly interested in last names all that much."

Of course, she knew this, seeing as Adalind has had tons of linguistics training after all, “fair enough, but still a mouth full, “why would you say that?” She asked about them not being interested in his last name, “and if I am not interested in that what am I interest in?”

"You tell me......" He asked, almost as though he was testing her and her reactions with additional questions.

Adalind shrugged growing a little tired of this, yes he was playing along but this aloofness was well boring as hell. So she just sipped on her drink I looking at him, curious if she could make him so uncomfortable just by staring at him.

Anders would sit there and see her stare at him. Ensign if you want photographs of me all you have to do is just ask me you know?"

Adalind continued to stare, learning more and more every time he opened his mouth, "curious, do you always assume if someone watches you they would want this photograph?" She asked unaware of the Human saying that went along the lines of starting and photographs.

"No I am playing on a human expression that comes with the action of staring at somebody, such a saying reflects the curiosity you are displaying," Anders responded to her.

Adalind smirked, as she finished her drink placing that saying somewhere in her memory for later. Adalind did miss this, yes the Saratoga was comfortable but well there were no more secrets that she could find out or nothing more to learn of the crew. Here was fresh, new, and well exciting. So she remained silent mostly see how this human male would handle it.

"Well Ensign I must cut this short, I have duty rosters to look at." He got up and looked at her. "Don't be afraid to say hello again some other time."

Adalind just nodded watching him leave, loving the power of silence she remained finishing her drink and just stared at the spot he was sitting at.


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