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On the Eve

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 10:43pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Commander Niamh O'Donoghue & Lieutenant Dante Bishop

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: Captain's Quarters, USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 9: Evening

The sound of sizzling filled the kitchen, as Veronica toiled over the compact but comfortable stove that was contained in the small kitchen portion of the captain's quarters. She'd invited the command crew over for a meal, glad to strengthen their team dynamic outside of the normal setting of the bridge. These people wouldn't just be her colleagues after all. They'd be confidants and advisors, neighbors and friends.

The Trill dish she was attempting to recreate was slightly outside her skill level. However, what better time to embody her ideals than on the eve of their launch. It might be beyond her now, but it always would remain that way if she never made the attempt.

The soothing sounds of a Vulcan flute music filled the quarters, a signal being broadcast from a cultural ceremony taking place on the surface below. The reddish light reflecting off New Vulcan streamed through her viewports, bathing the living room and the edges of the kitchen in a warm glow. Admiring the scene, it struck the Captain that this was perhaps the first moment that Defiant had truly felt like home to her.

Dante strolled down the corridor towards the doorway to the quarters of the ship's commanding officer. He was a bit nervous, as it was going to be the first time he'd be in a purely social situation with both her and the ex-oh, but he knew it was important for them to build that sense of familiarity, and camaraderie if they were going to function well as a team.

He'd chosen a nice outfit, some dark grey slacks, and a copper colored silk button down that accented the warm browns of his own skin-tone. He'd gone without a tie, and left the first two buttons of the shirt undone to give it a more casual feel, finishing it all off with a pair of nice black shoes, a black belt, and an antique gold watch on his right wrist.

Approaching the door he pressed the small chime button and waited for an answer.

"You look very dapper, Mister Bishop," Niamh said, seemingly materialising behind Dante. She had been ready to arrive for some time but had waited for Dante to pass her quarters before making her own arrival, using his own to tell her it was time to stop working and head for dinner. She had opted herself to dress a little more casually than Dante, finally settling on a pair of comfortable denim jeans, her corps of engineering hoody and a pair of sneakers. She'd never been concerned about her image when it came to making impressions, she felt her work was the only metric that mattered in these things.

"I must say, you've made me feel incredibly underdressed", she joked as she came to a stop by his side, "good job I brought us a little treat" she added, gesturing with the bottle of Jura scotch, one of the few British distilleries that seemingly made it past WWIII.

The door slid open as Veronica finally made her way over to answer it. Her own garb evoked her native Arizona, if a tiny bit exaggerated. Her ocean blue jeans, large buckled belt, and tall boots were a bit utilitarian looking. But the burgundy wide sleeve which pulled the look back in the direction of formality. The effect was a look that was comfortable but looked formal enough for most settings. A hat would have pushed the look over the edge into parody, so instead she simply braided her hair.

“Ah, right on time! I finally escaped the kitchen about a moment ago,” she said with a welcoming smile. She gestured into the living room area as she briefly retreated into the kitchen to grab food. “Come in and make yourself comfortable. I’ll be over in a second.”

Her quarters were decorated comfortably at first glance. Personal memorabilia from various piloting and sailing adventures, a cactus in the corner which had proven hardy enough to survive her less than botanical sensibilities, numerous landscape photos of both planetside and space, a stolen mek’leth, a few pieces of cultural iconography from past missions, and a lone photo of a Vulcan family on the wall with a small toddler grinning in her pre-emotional suppression bliss. However, beyond that, it lacked any reference to family or friends whatsoever.

"I've been with this ship for years and my place still doesn't look as homely as your quarters, I like it" Niamh complimented whilst her eyes freely roamed the space, taking in the mementoes that made the room uniquely Veronica's. Once she had had her fill she stepped closer to Veronica pushing the bottle of whiskey towards her.

"I didn't know whether you drank, but this is one of my personal favourites," Niamh explained, "the brewery it hailed from is on a little Scottish Island, the structure's there were amongst the view that made it through World War Three".

"For not knowing if I drink, you certainly landed a bullseye," Reynolds said. The captain took the bottle into her hands and admired it. "Always been a bit of a whiskey girl, personally. I enjoy the variety. Osaka put out some pretty fantastic stuff. But...Scotch? Actual true Scotch?" She looked at Niamh suspiciously. "I'm going to have to be careful around you, lest you learn to manipulate me."


"...and one I tried to explain that I was greeting him and not propositioning him, the minister went from disgusted to offended," Veronica said, leaning back in her chair and swirling the scotch in her glass. "Moral of the story, that's why you don't try to shake a Hidrin's hand."

Dante chuckled deeply, tears streaming from his eyes as he struggled not to burst out laughing. Once he'd finally regained some control he wiped his eyes and took a deep breath. "I'll keep that in mind if the opportunity ever presents itself..."

Niamh smiled warmly at the pair, “Why do I feel like we’ll be finding ourselves in many similar situations?” she joked as she polished off the last of her scotch, replacing the Glencairn glass with a regular, taller glass filled with water. “I get excited thinking about all the first’s we’re about to experience. I’ve enjoyed my time with R&D but I can’t say I’m not ecstatic about being sent out to a frontier” she mused, her eyes looked off into the air as he considered all the adventures they’d potentially find themselves in. The unknown excited her.

"I couldn't agree more," Veronica said gazing out the window. "I can't even begin to imagine what we are going to find. My imagination has run wild ever since I got the assignment. Hell, have you read up on the planet their constructing Starbase Arcadia over? It's practically an adventure novel itself."

Niamh had read the report and couldn’t have been more eager to visit the surface of a planet, “They’ve discovered at least two separate species of megafauna, I’m hoping to take a wander myself...” she trailed off for a beat as she considered how exciting it would be to discover something. “Though, I imagine most of my time of Defiant will be spent on Arcadia. Hopefully, I’ll have time once she’s finished”.

"I'm looking forward to some time to fly, if we get a little bit of down time. I'd like to make a few passes over the planet in a shuttlecraft, give it a good once over. From the preliminary scans alone it looks like there are some stunning views that would make it well worth it," Dante replied, taking a sip from his cold glass. "But, truth be told, I think what I'm most excited about is being the first human to pilot a starship into some of the areas we will be exploring."

Veronica sat back in her chair, taking a second to appreciate the moment. On a beautiful ship, with a talented crew, and a command staff she was liking more by the moment. "I think we'll have a lot to be excited about. New friends, new stars, and new stories," she said, raising her glass. "To the frontier and all it will bring us."

Holding up his own glass with a huge grin on his face Dante spoke, his voice deep and rich with feeling, "To the frontier!"

Niamh quietly joined in with the celebration quickly, smiling softly at the pair. This seemed like a fairly solid step up from Deimos, she couldn't wait to discover the capabilities of the crew and Defiant. She expected their adventures would be nothing less than exceptional.


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