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An Offer You Can't Refuse

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 10:47pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Lieutenant Dante Bishop

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: Chief Helm Officer's Office - USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 5: Midday

Dante was sitting at his desk, a stack of padds to one side, and the main screen of his console pulled up in front of him. On it was the large grid of the weekly helm schedule, and on all the padds were the different personnel files he was still going over. It had only been six hours since he'd officially taken up his duties as chief helm officer, but it felt more like six days. Now he one hundred percent understood why an assistance department head was necessary.

Tossing the latest padd down on the desk he sighed, leaning back in his chair and bringing his hands up to scrub his face, and rub his eyes, desperately trying to wake himself up from the stupor he'd slipped into reading over the endless files, and trying to get the schedule done before the end of his shift. He itched to be sitting at the helm station, actually flying the ship off into the unknown, but that wasn't in the cards until they fully launched, and he still hadn't been told when that was going to be.

He heard the chime go off, and jerked back to the present, sitting up a bit straighter in his chair, and trying to get the desktop in more of a presentable states, not even realizing that he'd pulled off his overtunic to get a bit more comfortable for what was likely to be an hour long desk session and was sitting in just the standard black undertunic. He didn't realize it until he'd already called out for whoever it was to enter, and then had grabbed his gold tunic and started to pull it over his head, completely blocking his view of who was entering his office.

"I understand the impulse to hide from your paperwork, but covering your face doesn't make you invisible, you know." The amused and sarcastic reply from the doorway announced the arrival of the vessel's commanding officer.

Dante froze immediately upon hearing the familiar voice of Captain Reynolds. He then very slowly pulled the tunic further down, letting the top of his head, and then finally his eyes to peek through, confirming what he had hoped had not been true. "Captain!" he said, a strangled quality tinging his voice. "I wasn't..." he said, and then realized once again she'd just been teasing him. Pulling the tunic all the way back down he took a deep breath. "I had taken off the tunic to get more comfortable for a long period sitting at the desk. It's a little more cramped than my station on the bridge is." he said a bit lamely.

"Have a seat," he added, waving towards the chairs, "What brings you down?"

The captain walked calmly over and sat across the desk from him. He was certainly not wrong. The office given to the helm division was a little tighter than it needed to be and a far cry from the spacious command deck, though not altogether uncomfortable. After all, most desks had a tendency of causing the walls to close in on its occupant after a while. She wondered if some clever engineer had decided to evoke a cockpit and simply gone about it in a misguided way. "Well, it actually has to do with your position on Defiant. I'd been looking over your file in a bit more detail..."

Dante sat for a few moments, his mind going a thousand miles an hour as he searched back through his short Starfleet career for anything that could be an issue. He came up blank after trying his best and finally just looked at her with a confused look on his face, "Is there something in there that has made you rethink your request for me to join the crew, Captain?"

She gave a smile at his confusion. "I noticed that you'd taken command training. Nearly completed it in fact," she said. "Is that something you're still interested in?"

Dante heaved a mental sigh of relief, having had absolutely no clue what Veronica was getting at, and sure some stupid stunt he'd pulled back in the Academy had suddenly made her scared he'd make a mess out of her brand new ship. Nodding he replied, "Yes, ma'am. The only reason it was put on hold was that my previous assignment came to an end before we could finish it. I had plans to take it up again as soon as I was able."

"How interested would you be in on the job training?" the captain asked.

"Is there a better kind?" Dante asked, no hint of humor in his voice.

"I suppose not," Reynolds conceded. "Then provided you are willing, I'd like you to serve as my Second Officer. I think you've got the instincts for it. And in all honesty, as a former helm officer myself, I might be slightly biased. After all, you're already in the right color!"

Dante couldn't help but grin at the enthusiasm in Veronica's voice. "I am more than willing, Captain. Thank you for the confidence you are showing in me, I will do my best to do you proud."


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