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Weigh Anchor

Posted on Sat Feb 13th, 2021 @ 6:01pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Commander Niamh O'Donoghue & Lieutenant Dante Bishop & Lieutenant Rinix & Ensign Adalind Nyffs & Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: Bridge, USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 10: 0900 Hours, Launch

The doors of the Ready Room opened smoothly, letting the bright external light of New Vulcan's sun stream in. Captain Veronica Reynolds stepped out onto the bridge, drinking up the view. It was odd. She'd been working from a room attached to the bridge for over a week, having to pass through the command deck to get there every time. Yet, this time felt different. She felt nervous, giddy almost. She pulled her uniform straight before lacing her arms behind her back. The time had come.

The bridge was busy with activity. Passive sensor pings ran out, the bustle of conversation. The bright color scheme made it positively pop against the starlight outside. Red handrails, bright blue displays, and of course the vibrant uniforms of her crew.

Turning his head towards the hiss of the doors opening to his left Dante looked up to see who was entering the bridge. It was only a split second before he realized who it was and immediately jumped to his feet, his deep voice ringing out as he said, "Captain on the bridge!"

Niamh smoothly revolved around in her chair, rising to her feet and meeting the Captain's gaze. "Captain Reynolds" she greeted respectfully before departing her station to stand beside the Captain's Chair, sending a smile Dante's way once she'd reached her destination and turned to face Veronica again.

Veronica made her way across to the center chair, unable to contain the grin on her face. "At ease, everyone," she said, if only because she wasn't sure what else to say. She finally came to a stop in front of her chair. "Status report, Number One?"

"All systems are green, Captain" Niamh announced proudly, "Defiant is yours and ready to depart when you are, ma'am," the First Officer said with a gesture to the chair.

The Captain lowered herself into the chair, taking a deep breath as she mentally took at the moment. The moment didn't linger. After settling into the seat in a largely formal pose, she lifted her right hand from the armrest. The small panel embedded in the chair tilted up to meet it. With a simple command, she activated the internal communications, transmitting her voice throughout the ship.

"Attention all hands, this is the Captain. 103 years ago, the founding races of our United Federation of Planets set out to create a galaxy better for all those who dwell in it. An alliance of races founded upon the principles of acceptance, equity, and justice. To say that the last century has been without struggle would be a lie. War with the Klingons. Repeated hostilities along our borders. The traumatic loss of Vulcan. Our people have been tested time and again. But we always come out stronger. After all, the Federation was born of the fires of the Romulan War. We are no strangers to adversity,” Reynolds said, adding an extra bit of fortitude to the last line. “So let our launch be just one more small reminder to those that would stand against our ideals. The launch of a ship of exploration over the new home of a resurgent race our enemies tried to wipe out of existence. Let this be a reminder: the Federation will forever stand Defiant.”

She clicked off the intercom and turned to her First Officer. “Did I overdo it?”

Niamh smirked, "Not at all, Captain. I'd say you sounded exactly like the Commanding Officer Starfleet has come to expect" she replied earnestly. "You'd give Admiral Pike a run for his money, I remember one of his speeches after the Narada incident," she shivered, "Ooh, I still get goosebumps" she added before making for the terminal that usually hosted the Navigator, "If you wouldn't mind, I'd prefer to sit up front for our inaugural journey," she said as she sat down, "I promise I can read a map" she joked looking between Dante and Veronica.

The captain swiveled her chair to the right, only momentarily distracted by how satisfying the movement felt. “Ensign Nyffs, if you’d be so kind, signal the control tower and request a position in departure order.”

Adalind pressed her pointer and index finger against her earpiece before speaking, her lips partying just slightly as she spoke to an officer in the tower, "the USS Defiant is requesting a place in the departure order," she said simply in a lovely silky tone that melted most males when she spoke.

Copy that Defiant," the officer responded as he went to check where they were in the order, "'ll be able to depart shortly there are three ships in front of you," the officer said politely.

"Thank you, tower," Adalind said before removing her pointer and index finger, and slowly spinning in her chair to face the captain, "there are three ships in front of us," she said simply.

The Captain raised an eyebrow in a bit of confusion. Three ships? She'd mostly been joking about departure order. The entire window was dedicated to Defiant's launch. She was about to ask the Ensign if the Strategic Operations Tower was pulling their leg, when movement on the screen caught her eye. Out the front viewport, three vessels were approaching off their port side, coming from the side away from the planet. It took her a moment to realize that they were positioning themselves along the side of Defiant's exit route.

Reynolds gave a smile as she spun to face forward. "Ah. I understand now. Mr. Rinix, I think you'll want to keep your sensors primed momentarily. We should expect a set of small projectiles on our portside. Likely of the bottled liquid variety." She sat back in her chair. "Mr. Bishop, retract all moorings."

Sat at the science station, Rinix smiled and nodded wordlessly. He thought he understood what was happening. An old Earth tradition it seemed.

"Aye, Captain, clearing all moorings," Dante replied, his fingers moving deftly across the console before him. Seconds later he spoke again, "All moorings have been cleared, ma'am, we are good to go on your command." Looking at the viewscreen he saw the other ship's lining up for their send off, a smile on his face at being on the bridge, at the flight controls of the vessel on such a momentous occasion.

The Captain nodded. "Take us out, one quarter impulse."

"Ahead, one quarter," Dante replied as he tapped the correct controls and moved the throttle controller upwards enough to meet the speed requirement she'd set. ON the main viewscreen the ship began to move forward, picking up speed just slightly, while on his console the status bar for the speed he'd chosen began to fill in until it lit up green to indicate they were now holding steady at one quarter impulse.

'Those ships are coming alongside. Launching some projectiles,' intoned Rinix, a tad confused as he peered into his monitor. He ran an active sensor sweep to ping the projectiles. 'Appears to be an alcoholic beverage of some sort ... champagne it seems. On course to hit the ship.' The Denobulan fixed his eyes to the screen. 'Impact!'

Anders would see the light show and he would begin to input a command into the console. Defiant would then respond with a single low yield phaser blast as an acknowledgment and response to the salute. "Old naval tradition whenever a ship was launched, rather nostalgic but fitting I would say." A small appreciative smirk spreading on the often serious faces of the Security Chief.

"Seems it's time for us to set sail," Captain Reynolds said, sitting back in her chair and crossing her left leg over her right. "Lay in a course for the Arcadia Colony, prepare for Warp 6 on my mark."

Niamh quietly brought up a split-screen display of the Defiant's plotted course and an MSD of the ship's systems. "Defiant is ready when you are, Mr Bishop," she confirmed before fixing her eyes on the viewscreen, she enjoyed watching space morph as they breached the warp factor one.

Veronica sat back comfortably. “Gun it.”

Dante engaged the course, reached out, and shifted the throttle handle upwards smoothly. As the starfield before them warped into the brilliant flashes and swirls they would see for the duration he kept an eye on the indicator and when it finally reached the captains preset speed he eased off the throttle handle and left them cruising along at warp six. "Warp six, Captain." he said, proud to have been at the helm as the behemoth of a ship moved out for it's true maiden voyage.


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