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Arrival at Arcadia Colony

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 7:42am by Commander Niamh O'Donoghue & Captain Veronica Reynolds & Lieutenant Dante Bishop & Lieutenant Yisril Turran & Lieutenant Rinix & Ensign Adalind Nyffs & Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Arcadia System, Carinae Traverse
Timeline: MD 1: Morning

The star lines shrunk back into their standard pin pricks of light as the USS Defiant emerged from warp. The Constitution class vessel's frame was illuminated by the crimson glow of the Arcadia system's somewhat unique star, causing the vessels proud frame to take on a warm and elegant appearance as it smoothly glided through the vacuum, headed toward its destination.

The planet that played host to Arcadia colony was a slightly oversized terrestrial world. It's seas were a deep blue and its land was overwhelmingly rusty red-orange, largely due to the abundant metal resources which had attracted Starfleet to it as a resource planet. It was habitable, but not overly so. While many biomes appeared across the world, each posed a unique set of issues for true colonization. Venomous creatures were commonplace in the forests, the deserts occasionally formed massive nearly planetwide sandstorms akin to those on Mars, and the tundras were host to many superfauna. It was a world befitting the frontier outpost. The life on the world was similar to the distant past of earth, with many large reptilian life forms dominating its main landmasses. The seas teamed with dozens of species of lifeforms to make a great whale blush.

While the world itself may have been untamed, an archipelago in the southern hemisphere served as Starfleet's base here. An ideal location for launching land and sea-based extraction operations, it also left the operations far enough away that it did not harm much of the planet's biosphere. The largest issues were the massive sauropterygian creatures and the occasional super-crustaceans who needed to be fended off with some high power stun beams. The challenges did mean that the ground presence never extended beyond a few outposts. But that was by design, the planet was never meant to be the final residence. That honor was held by the metal superstructure that hovered between Defiant and the globe below.

The unfinished Starbase Arcadia hung in orbit, glinting bright reddish light off its surface. While only a fraction of its superstructure was actually livable, the station's size was already apparent. The massive core globe may not have been Yorktown-class is size, but it would still be large enough to one day house the entirety of the Defiant within its internal docking bays and have room to spare. The outer pylons provided disk-like docking births for numerous vessels, and the smaller docking birth spheres were each going to be a fully functional port of entry when done. The station could house a fleet and trade on par with entire systems. As numerous shuttles and supply ships moved between the station and the surface, dozens of manned and automated work bees dotted the station's hull, adding components little by little. A large Kobayashi Maru class freighter, one whose frame was all too familiar to any Starfleet Cadet, hovered off to one side, providing raw materials. The vessel, the USS Le Corbusier, was the only other meaningful Starfleet ship out this far. And unlike Defiant, it wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

As the viewport of the bridge rotated to appropriately frame the station and planet, Captain Reynolds nodded to herself from her current position in front of the nav terminal. A worthy mission lay ahead of them in trying to make this station a reality. She knew her crew would be up to the task. She turned to face the bridge, which was itself bathed in the warm red light. "Take a good look everyone. This is what we're out here to support."

Niamh gazed out with awe. The magnitude of their mission struck them full force as she raised its scope. Not only were they the ship with the furthest range, but they were also the only vessel on stand-by for tactical support. She hoped she'd get a chance to check out some of Arcadia's systems before they went out on their first survey, data had nothing on experience.

"She sure is magnificent" The First Officer muttered before sighing.

As they'd dropped out of warp and began their much slower approach to the station Dante had glanced from the console before him to the viewscreen, and then back to his console, only to have his gaze jerk back up in a double-take. "I had no idea how big it would be..." he said, sotto voce, his eyes going wide as they took in the glittering jewel of the station under construction in front of them.

A glittering shiny thing in space was what kept Adlind staring at the viewport, she did enjoy shiny things even if it was a half-finished station.

"As much as I'd love to marvel all day...," Reynolds began, walking around the outer bridge corridor toward the Comms Station. "Comms, message sickbay and have the doctor meet me in the transporter room. I'd like her to be present when we drop off the medical supplies."

Adalind nodded tapping a few buttons, "doctor Turran, the captain is requesting your presence in the transporter room she wanted you there when we drop off the medical supplies," Adalind said into her earpiece.

"Turran here, I am on my way," Yisril said, walking out of Sickbay towards the transporter room.

Closing the call she turned in her chair to face the captain, "the doctor is on her way," Adalind said with a small chirp in her voice as she enjoyed the sound of what she said.

Anders stood to one side of the Bridge, examining the readouts of Arcadia Colony, from every microbe detected on sensors to her armaments and defenses or lack thereof. "A world like this would make a tempting target for all manner of scum and villainy out here in the cosmos."

'A world like this is a scientific treasure trove,' Rinix piped up from his console. 'If I weren't aboard Defiant, I would be envious of anyone assigned to Arcadia.' The starbase was a mammoth, a technological marvel built this far out on the frontier. He was glad Reynolds hadn't elided any information when she'd convinced him to join up. Once the starbase was operational, it would suit well as a home for his family if they chose it. 'The planets fauna is particularly fascinating - look at the size of those clams!'

"We are within range to start docking procedures, Captain," Dante said, adjusting his controls to keep them on course, and approaching Arcadia slowly, so everyone could continue to get a good view of the place they were likely going to be seeing a lot of over the coming months.

Reynolds stepped down into the bridge pit. "Take us in, Mr. Bishop. We have a lot of supplies to drop off."

On his console Dante noted that only one of the docking ports of Arcadia was fully operational, and began adjusting his heading to bring them alongside. Once they'd come close enough he cut all engines and took them the rest of the way in under thrusters. Watching the display closely he maneuvered them deftly in front of the port and then with a minute nudge of thrust he slid them sideways until the ship made contact and the docking ring sealed. "We are docked, Captain," he said, shutting down helm control so that the ship would remain exactly where she was until they were ready to move again.

"Nice flying as always, Lieutenant. We can start unloading the supplies they'll need now," she said, turning to face her XO. "Commander, care to join me on the surface?"

Niamh quickly signed out of her terminal before standing, "Absolutely I do, Captain" she beamed, making her way to Veronica's side.

"Excellent. Then Mr. Bishop, you have the conn." Reynolds rose to her feet and the command duo walked toward the turbo.

Dante nodded and stood, tugging down the front of his tunic as he started to walk towards the chair. A few other officers around the bridge, especially those who knew it was going to be the first time he had taken his seat there, gave him an encouraging look. With a deep breath he turned and slowly lowered himself into the seat, feeling himself sink into it, as a certain thrill washed over him.


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