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What is life on the frontier?

Posted on Thu Mar 4th, 2021 @ 3:39am by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Commander Niamh O'Donoghue & Lieutenant Yisril Turran

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Arcadia Colony, Pier
Timeline: MD 1: Morning

As the transporter light faded, the scene before them materialized. The reddish light of the system's star bathed the scenery in faint hues of crimson. Before the landing party was the edge of the colonial pier. The large smoothly arching structure of the Starfleet establishment extended into the waters beyond, with docking for shuttles and aquatic vehicles alike. The waves were tumultuous at present, lapping the sides of the great sturcture as a foreshadowing of the massive oceanic storm clouds that lined the horizon. The untamed weather of Arcadia Colony put itself on full view.

Above them, the skies were beginning to fill with clouds, but the rainfall hadn't quite reached their position, allowing for fingers of the red sunlight to reflect off patches of seawater beyond.

Behind the landing party, the complex extended a good distance onto land of the island it was housed upon, with towers and domes to house the many facilities of this section of the colony. Other than the wild world around them, it may as well be any other research facility in the Federation. Captain Reynolds barely had time to smooth her golden command tunic before a voice called out to her.

"Ah, Captain Reynolds. Right on schedule." The Saurian man who approached bowed his head in greeting. He was wearing greyish-violet civilian wear. "I am Director Hadesh. Allow me to welcome you and your officers to Arcadia Colony."

"A pleasure to be here, Governor," the Captain replied, gesturing to her companions. "This is Commander O'Donoghue, my First Officer and Chief Engineer, and Lieutenant Turran, my CMO."

The Governor nodded to each. "Welcome to you both. I'm not sure if Starfleet passed along my messages, but we actually have some need for both of your expertise."

Yisril nodded, a small, polite smile on her lips, "Pleased to meet you, Governor Hadesh, I'm doctor Turran. How can we help?"

"Where to begin," Hadesh said, placing a hand on his scaley head in exasperation. He paused for a moment and cleared his throat. "Do not get me wrong. Arcadia Colony is magnificent. She is an achievement by any measure, and the station above our heads will only further that. Science, medicine, and even history stand to gain greatly from our findings here. The problem is, we're hitting roadblocks all over the place. And we lack the support to make up for it."

He began to walk them down the pier, the waves coming in on either side of them. "Our xenobiologists on the mainland encountered a herd of amphibious megafauna that appeared to be suffering from Tellarite Decapox. Of course, those had been essentially rendered inert throughout the Federation through our cross-species vaccinations. Yet, sure enough, the tests revealed it was Decapocs." Hadesh turned to the doctor, concern on his face. "Doctor, we're here to explore not to start a plague. Captain Reynolds mentioned that you'd dealt with an outbreak situation while on Deep Space 3. I was hoping you could lend a hand in trying to inoculate the creatures before it spreads. I don't want to cause a mass extinction nor do I relish the idea of culling the infected ones."

"I have yes," Yisril said, a concerned frown on her face. "Tellarite Decapox? Have you been able to isolate the infected animals? I am a doctor not a veterinarian, but I am comfortable I'd be able to help with the vaccine."

The Saurian nodded. "Yes, we isolated them. I know this is a bit outside your usual patient load, but the source of the infection had to be us. I don't know if it came over on one of our personnel. No one has presented symptoms. More likely it came over in one of our supply crates. I'll make sure the medical team meets with you and send a copy of their findings to Defiant. I don't expect an immediate solution. We have time, just not an unlimited supply of it. Anything you can do to assist would be much appreciated."

Ysril nodded, "I will do what I can. If it came in a supply crate, I recommend you let all imported supplies go through a throughout scan until we determine where it came from. I will get through work as soon as you send me your findings."

"And that brings me to the Engineering issue," the Saurian said, turning to the First Officer. "Our systems have been largely sustained by our solar collection grid and fusion cores. But we've encountered a peculiar problem. A noticeable fraction of our generated power seems to be disappearing. We have enough to run our systems, so it isn't urgent. But it is an issue nonetheless. We have a bleed of some sort. The power is being generated, that much is certain. We've ruled out a reactor malfunction. The problem is, that power is going...somewhere. We just can't seem to find where. There are no obvious breaches or discharges in our grid."

"Of course, Director" Niamh accepted without hesitation, her curiosity peaking immediately at the strange occurrence. Her mind raced through the potential causes, ranging from mundane to concerning. "I will personally assemble and lead a team once the Defiant has settled down" she promised. "perhaps you could connect me with your Chief Engineer? Knowing what it isn't will enable me to streamline the investigation" she smiled respectfully.

"Of course. You'll know everything we do," the Governor said with a nod. "I appreciate your assistance on those matters. We have a lot of talented people out here. Unfortunately, we just don't quite have enough of them. The people most capable of solving these issues are currently beyond our capacity."

He turned to Captain Reynolds. "While your officers make themselves comfortable, I'd appreciate a brief discussion with your regarding some of the local political geography. There are a few challenges you may want to be made aware of before you go exploring. I'll be in my office when you are ready."

"Thank you, Governor. I'll meet you there soon," Reynolds said. As the man walked away toward the central pillar of the colonial complex, she turned to her companions. "Certainly seems busy out here. Will you two be alright with helping them out for a bit? I think our presence is appreciated."

"Definitely. I will contact their own medical team right away, Captain," Yisril said, nodding.

"We'll be fine," Niamh assured Veronica with a light smile, "that said, I'm only a communication away if need me," she promised seriously.

"Fair enough," Veronica said, looking over her shoulder at the main spire. "I'm off to learn how nosy the neighbors are then. You two have fun. I'll check in at 1300."


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