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Defining the Line: Prelude

Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 4:31pm by Commander Niamh O'Donoghue & Captain Veronica Reynolds

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1
Timeline: Prior to departure.

After her late-night conversation with Adalind had flopped harder than anticipated, Niamh had found herself restless and had gotten little sleep. She was groggy enough that she lacked any of the usual warmth she traipsed through with her. Instead, she walks through the Defiant's corridors with determination, ignoring the slowly developing thrum of the crew that was building up the closer she got to deck one. She'd managed to be early enough to catch the turbolift solo and she thanked the saints as she approached her destination. Once out she beelined directly for Veronica's ready room entering unceremoniously and immediately dropped into one of the free chairs with a tired groan, "We need to talk about Ensign Nyffs," she said, finally meeting Veronica's gaze with a less than amused smile, "We had an interesting interaction earlier this morning," she explained, crossing her legs.

Veronica looked up from her desk looking about as unsurprised as possible for a woman who had just witnessed her First Officer's rapid arrival. She let out a long sigh as she ran a hand through her hair. "Would you believe me if I said I'd actually wanted to raise the same issue with you? She and I had a...interesting interaction in the gym. Took years of command training to hold my composure."

"Great minds," Niamh grumbled before composing herself, "Now I think it's too soon for any serious kind of disciplinary actions, but I also think we need to speak with Nyffs before it gets out of hand" the Irishwoman shared thoughtfully, "I reviewed her personnel record and she's got all the requisite qualifications, and she's had a reasonably quiet career so far... I honestly can't say I've ever experienced something quite so contentious"

Veronica grunted sliding a padd with a personnel file across to her. "Her file is a little deceptive. It looks quiet, but then I took another look. It was actually sparked by a comment she made to me when she came aboard. Something about getting in trouble for fraternization or such. See her last two transfers: the one to the Saratoga and the one to Defiant? They have no details to them. No request by the officer or the CO. Simply an ordered transfer both times." She sat back crossing her arms in thought. "I think the Admiralty has been bouncing her around."

"Aye, seems that way" Niamh agreed. "The least they could have done was given us some vague context. I told the Ensign we'd be talking to her at some point today so perhaps we can ask her what happened, it'll give us some footing before we start pushing for improvement" the Engineer suggested. If someone within the Admiralty was directly involved with Adalind's career then they'd have to tread carefully, the last thing any officer wanted was an Admiral on their ass.

Veronica nodded. "Agreed. Depending on what the situation is here, we could end up in dicey territory. If she pissed someone off, we could be too easy on her and earn someone's ire. If she's being protected, we could come down too hard and do the same." She let out another sigh. "'s difficult to take much action without more information. I think we need to call the Ensign in for a chat. If we can test the waters, we might find out the best...and safest, approach."

"I agree" Niamh accepted quickly, "hopefully we can reach a speedy resolution, she's capable and I'd like us not to begin our mission with a transfer". She commented with a frown. It left her feeling slightly unsettled to be dealing with the crew so prematurely into their journey. Despite her frustrations, she was eager to resolve the matter.

The Captain drummed her fingers on her desk with a sense of finality. "Alright then. I guess we should call up the Ensign. We can meet with her hear and see where it goes."

Niamh nodded after a moment though, "Agreed, the faster it's dealt with, the faster we can move forward" she replied sounding much calmer. The prospect of resolution always made her feel relieved. She quickly straightened her posture then retrieved her communicator, flicking the device open fluidly. "Commander O'Donoghue to Ensign Nyffs, please report to the Captain's ready room" she spoke into the device before closing it. 

"Now we wait" the First Officer commented, closing the device and placing it on the desk before her.


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