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A Cry For Help

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 12:02am by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Lieutenant Dante Bishop & Ensign Adalind Nyffs & Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Bridge, USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 1: Evening

The sun was setting behind the horizon for the planetary body beneath Starbase Arcadia and the reddish hues of the star gave way to violet. Defiant's bridge looked positively serene in the light, seemingly calling for the end of Alpha Shift as it happened. However, despite a calm appearance, the vessel's crew were still at work. Supplies were being offloaded rapidly to bolster the supplies of the construction crews. Even a few completed components were offloaded and plugged directly into their housings on the station by swarms of worker bees. As

Dante was just getting settled into the groove is sitting in the center seat he took note of the time on the chronometer and suddenly realized it was time for the alpha shift to go off duty and be replaced. Looking over he spoke to the young woman seated at the communications console. "Ensign, please send out the call to dismiss alpha shift," he said and then turned back forward. He wouldn't be going off duty until either the Captain or the first officer were back aboard, so he stayed seated, settling in for the long haul.

"Of course lieutenant," Adalind said sending out the call, oddly she did not want to go back to her quarters. For her the bridge was the most comforting place on the ship, well maybe the second or tie with the gym. "message is out, Alpha shift should be filling in Beta shift as we speak," Adalind said simply.

"Thank you, Ensign," Dante replied with a nod. "For any of you who wish to do so, you are free to remain on the bridge as long as you'd like. I know this is our first time out and it's exciting, so no one would blame you," he added to the bridge at large. He'd never been on a starship for her maiden voyage, and he knew had he been given a choice he'd not want to leave the bridge, or his station elsewhere, for a while.

As if on cue, an urgent flashing beeping emitted from a flashing light on the comms panel. Anyone familiar with the bridge would recognize it. A Priority 1 distress call.

Adalind jumped slightly when out of the corner of her eyes the flashing light, she all too well knew what that was, "hold on, you may want to have me send Alpha shift back, we have a distress call coming in," Adalind said but quickly realized that she couldn't actually hear anything, "it is a distress signal but I can't hear anything, I'll need sometime filtering it, something is disrupting it," Adalind added.

Dante spun the chair around, looking at the young woman. "Work quickly, Ensign," he said, letting a note of urgency into his voice.

Adalind was working on some work-around, trying to cut through the static, it was a mix of static which was making it challenging to clean it up. "This is the best I can get for right now," Adalind said playing the message again, this time you could hear voices through the fog of static.

After he'd gotten an answer from her he turned his attention to the ship's security chief. "Lieutenant Odegaard, can you get a good position lock on where that distress call is coming from? I'd rather not have any surprises if it's a ship under attack and we are tethered to Arcadia."

"Already on it Lieutenant." He responded as he examined the console and the instruments. "Well it is definitely a signal but not one I recognize, hang on I have something." He commented as he uploaded the information for the rest of the Bridge Crew to see.

Dante took a look at the data that was sent out bridge wide and frowned slightly. He recognized the general area, but other than that he didn't have a clue what it could mean. "Thank you, Lieutenant," he replied to Odegaard, and then continued to study the information as Ensign Nyffs worked behind him. A few moments later he turned his attention back to her. "We've got to see whatever else we can get out of that message. Start throwing every filter you've got at it, try to cut through that interference. Priority one means its a big one, and we are going to need more information to give to the captain."

"Give me a second and I think I can get it clearer," Adalind said tapping several buttons the sound of her nails clicking and clacking on her console as she worked on getting the message as clear as possible.

The audio crackled slightly as the signal was practically ripped from the background audio. It wasn't pretty or clean. But when the voice finally presented itself, the result was clear enough for identification. "Repeat....assistance!...Helios 6....urgent need of...catastrophic damage and have... fallen into the star's gravity. We need immediate assistance! Repeat....assistance!" The audio looped without getting much clearer each time.

"Good work, Ensign," Dante said as he stood, moving towards the communications station. "Raise the Captain," he said as he watched the signal play out again and again on the communications display.

Opening up a simple ship-to-person communication, "captain this is the bridge we require you on the bridge," Adalind said before turning back to Dante and letting him know that the captain has been raised.

A moment later, the voice of the Captain came through the comms, much clearer than the looping distress call. “Reynolds here. Go ahead, Defiant.”

"Captain, we are receiving a priority one distress call from Helios station. We can't get a completely clear signal but from what we can tell they are falling into the gravity well of the star they are in the orbit of. They are requesting immediate assistance," Dante replied.

"Helios is in orbit of a fairly violent protostar. If they fell into the gravity well, they could be in serious trouble," the Captain replied. "They are going to need help. Immediately. Lieutenant Bishop, how long would it take us to get there at maximum warp?"

Dante checked a few things on the spare console beside communications and then answered. "Approximately fourteen hours, Captain," he said, a note of concern in his voice. "I can shave three hours off that if we go through the N'Rel Nebula instead of around it."

"Shave away, Mr. Bishop. We'll need every second we can get. Recall all essential personnel from the surface. Shuttles and nonessential personnel can just wait until we're back," the Captain said. "As soon as we're beamed aboard set a course a maximum warp. Don't wait for me to get to the bridge."

"Understood, Captain," Dante replied and signaled for Nyffs to cut the signal. "Open a channel to all essential personnel not currently aboard Defiant," Ensign.

Adalind quickly did as she was told, yes she could be a pain and also enjoyed being a pain, but in times like this, she knew that there was something bigger than her. "Channel is open," Adalind said stopping as she took a second to enjoy the clicking of her nails.

Once the channel was open he spoke, projecting his voice and putting every bit of urgency into it that he could. "Defiant to all hands, prepare for emergency beam up. I repeat, Defiant to all hands, prepare for emergency beam up, signal when ready."

Looking at Nyffs again he nodded, "Coordinate with the transporter control rooms, let them know when people signal in and tell them to get as many as they can as quickly, and let me know as soon as Captain Reynolds and Commander O'Donoghue are back aboard," he said, turning and looking towards Odegaard, "Lieutenant unless I'm sorely mistaken security personnel is well versed in emergency rescue procedures. Please work with medical to come up with a game plan on how best to assist with crowd control and evacuation in case it becomes necessary."

"Yes of course, right away," Adalin said her fingers quickly dancing over her controls as she worked on communicating with several groups of people.

"Already on it." Anders responded as he signalled for one of his Junior Officers to come to his station. The Security Chief then ordered her to assemble a team to help.

Moving to his station he dismissed the person currently sitting there and slid into his chair, setting to work plotting the course that would get them to Helios as quickly as possible.

"The captain and commander are onboard," Adalind said as she continued to work with the transporter teams.

Once he'd heard that Dante nodded, "Signal all transporter rooms to shut down," he said and watched his readout. Once he'd seen that all active transports had stopped he maneuvered the ship into position and deftly slid the silver throttle handle to it's maximum position. On the viewscreen, the starfield transformed into a swirling vista of various shades of grey as the ship hurtled along the path he'd laid out.


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