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Reports of Renegades

Posted on Tue Apr 20th, 2021 @ 5:22pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Mission: Episode 1: The Helios 6 Incident
Location: Armory, USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 2

Captain Reynolds entered the Armory without calling too much attention to herself. It was midshift and she didn't want to burden people with formalities of command. It was an impressive room, one she hadn't been in more than once thus far. Numerous armaments lined the walls, providing Defiant's security crew with a wide range of tools to fulfill their duties. Thankfully, they hadn't had need of them yet. But with the news she came to deliver, Reynolds wondered if that were about to change. She approached the Armory office and pressed the chime.

"Yes? Come in." Andres said as he was organising his office for his own taste, decorations and commendations being amongst the many personal effects littered around the Office.

Reynolds entered, looking around absently as she entered. The office was lined with a good amount of awards and heirlooms, making it appear much more lived in than before. She reminded herself that she'd need to ask about the stories behind some of them. However, this visit was business. "Good afternoon, Lieutenant. Hope I'm not interrupting. I have a bit of a situation to raise with you."

"Please take a seat then." He said motioning to the seat opposite his desk. "Can I get you anything? Tea, coffee?"

"A tea would be nice. Something with spice," she said as she settled into the chair.

There was a nod from Anders as he organised their tea. He poured a cup of breakfast blend for himself and a Bajoran spiced blend for the Captain.

"So what can I do for you Ma'am?" He asked her as he turned round to face his superior.

"Nothing immediate," she said, taking the drink and letting its warm aroma reach her nose. "This might be a longer term issue. I know we've just gotten out here, but you might want to have a few of your officers start laying some intelligence groundwork. We have reports of some rogue elements operating in the fringes of the nebula. Sounds like a group of Suliban agents might have a helix hidden somewhere out here. They're not operating with the sanction of the Suliban government, more a shadow cell doing their own work. However, sanctioned or not, they're stirring up trouble for the locals. I need your team to start putting out feelers to see if we can locate this cell. If we can't find their helix, maybe we can at least find a secondary operating base or a route the frequently use."

"Understood, I'll assign a team to it once they've completed their evaluations and their long overdue refresher training." He replied as he took a pause to sip his tea. "Suliban hm? You'd think in all this time we would have been able to coexist with them."

Veronica shrugged. "Like I said, from what we can tell, they aren't acting with the backing of the Suliban government. It's a rogue cell. Honestly, we've come up against plenty of rogue Federation members. I don't know that we have much reason to view this group differently," she said, sitting back in the chair. "But I don't want to underestimate the threat here. This group means business, if reports are accurate. They seem to have disrupted numerous trade routes and have attempted sabotage on more than one occassion."

"Alright, I'll do my homework on the Suliban." Anders responded to her. He wasn't too familiar with such a thing and only knew their basic history.

"Keep me posted on what you find," she said, as she finished her tea. "We may need to call Defiant in to deal with them at some point, but I'd prefer to take a quiet approach if we can."




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