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Number One

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 3:26am by Commander Niamh O'Donoghue & Captain Veronica Reynolds
Edited on on Sat Jan 30th, 2021 @ 5:13pm

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: USS Defiant, Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD 1: Morning

The Defiant's shuttlebay was the largest space in the vessel, followed by the Engineering bay at a close second. There was a time during the Defiant's early stage of development that Niamh would come and just listen to the long-lasting echo's she produced. Now, thanks to a full complement of shuttles and workbees the echo's had dulled making the Defiant seem smaller. She smiled softly as the doors opening into the vast area let off the faintest echo before she crossed its threshold. It wasn't much but it reminded her of the path that led her to the current moment. It was important to remember those moments, she believed. Our memories were what made us who we are.

As she made her way towards the landing zone she was pleased to hear the familiar call of a workbee's engines as it broached the shuttlebay's forcefield. It wouldn't be long now until their assignment truly began and she was eager to see where the road took them.

As the small vessel set down inside the cavernous landing bay, the hatch on the side opened, lowering a small walk ramp. Shouldering her satchel and exiting the vessel, Captain Veronica Reynolds was astounded at the sight before her. She'd known of the Constitution-class. Its history was firmly established despite only a few years of service. But to actually be aboard, in command of one? It hadn't sunk in.

As she reached the bottom, she noted the woman in red a short distance off. Barely containing her glee at her surroundings, she approached with a smile and an extended hand. "You must be Commander O'Donoghue."

Niamh nodded before breaking into a warm smile, "Welcome aboard the USS Defiant, Captain Reynolds, I hope you like her" she said with earnest, her Irish accent very prominent, before shaking Veronica's hand eagerly.

Veronica shook her head amusedly as she gazed around the chamber. Yes, she like Defiant quite a bit. Like, might be a weak term. "Like her? Commander, I'm struggling to maintain my modesty. It's my understanding that you played a large role in her unique construction."

"I did," Niamh admitted, "Most of my work was with the modular systems, though I did try to offer my help elsewhere" she added before taking a step back, "I can show you if you'd like, we pass several units on the way to the bridge. I hope you enjoy the update Aesthetics the system brought with it to compatible areas, your ready room, in particular, is lovely," she finished proudly, eager to show Veronica the ship.

"Yes, I'd love to see a few of the units. Coming off my old Walker-class, I'm used to improvising due to a lack of resources. The idea of having so many resources at hand that we can simply adjust the configuration to the mission at hand seems revolutionary," Veronica said, standing aside to allow her companion to lead them.

"I'm sure someone would have come up with the idea eventually if we hadn't," Niamh replied modestly as she began to lead Veronica towards the bay's exit. "The system is mostly easy enough to maintain, an engineer is only required to engage or disengage units, providing power isn't scarce we can rely on the transporter system for the transferal of units and the industrial replicator for manufacturing" she added as they reached the rear shuttlebay doors. "Defiant truly was a labour of love" she added with a sigh, stepping into the turbolift.

"And it shows," Veronica said, joining the woman in the turbolift. "I was curious. What are your plans now that Defiant is nearly complete?"

"Most likely return to Ireland for some R&R, then back to Deimos to see what else they've got for me to tinker with" she shared freely, "Though I admit, I'll miss Defiant" her smile saddened, "I'm glad they accepted my request to oversee the transfer from Deimos to New Vulcan."

Veronica turned to size up the Engineer, pausing for a second before her comment. She'd reviewed the woman's file extensively. O'Donoghue had to be one of the most creative engineers in the fleet, by her estimation, and she wasn't about to simply pass up a chance to keep that talent. "I don't suppose I could convince you to skip that R&R?"

Niamh was quiet for a moment, not sure what the Captain meant, but refusing to believe it was what she felt it meant. "I can stay on until you reach your first destination if you think that would help, Captain. Deimos could always wait a couple more months before I start the next project" She offered, her eyes awash with hope as she watched Veronica closely, eager for more permanence to be offered.

Veronica squinted slightly. "I was thinking something a bit more permanent." She grabbed one of the control rods, stopping the turbolift's progress, then turned and looked squarely at the woman. "Defiant is about to be sent out to the farthest reaches of Federation space. For quite some time, there will be minimal support of any kind. Engineering expertise is going to be in very short supply and very high demand. An Engineer like you would be invaluable. But it's not just the frontier."

The Captain tilted her head slightly, indicating the vessel around them. "You designed half the systems on this ship. It'd take anyone else the better part of a month to even grasp some of the changes you've made. And given the outside the box thinking you've demonstrated, I don't just want you on my ship. I want you on my bridge." Here goes nothing, she thought. "Commander, I want you to join Defiant as my First Officer."

Niamh was momentarily dumbfounded, her expression blank as the gears turning in her head as she processed the offer. First Officer, She had never expected First Officer. Chief Engineer, sure, but First Officer had been so far off of her radar she hadn't even considered it. She had never felt such pride in her life.

She swallowed thickly as she fussed around with the hem of her tunic to adjust it. "Captain..." she began, "Captain Reynolds, it would be my honour to be your First Officer. I know I've command rated but that was so I could lead my division of the Defiant project, but I hadn't expected I'd become a First Officer for at least a few more years" she shared, her Irish seemingly thicker as he worked to hold her emotions at bay. "Though I had a lot of help with my designs, I can't take all the credit. But I will admit that I was, arguably, the most attached to Defiant by the end of the project. Thank you, Captain" she finally stopped speaking and instead beamed.

Veronica smirked in amusement. "You are very welcome, Commander. You've more than earned it. But if you do want to repay me, you can drop the formality when we're not in front of the crew. Veronica will do nicely. Or Vee if you're in a hurry." She made a mock whisper as if trying to avoid being overheard. "I get uncomfortable when everything is overly formal."

"I'll see what I can do, Vee" Niamh replied happily before leaning over and restarting the lift, "I'm afraid that if we don't get back to the tour I'm going to do something incredibly unflattering" She joked. Commander Niamh O'Donoghue, First Officer and Chief Engineer of the USS Defiant, It'd take her a bit to get over that.


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