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New Horizons

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 11:10pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Lieutenant Anders Odegaard

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 2: Morning

Anders had stepped out onto the Shuttlebay of the Defiant with his kit and his orders in hand. He wasn't a stranger to a Constitution Class Starship, even one as new as the Defiant. Following the directions of others he felt it best to report to his new Commanding Officer.

Taking a Turbolift to the command deck, he examined his orders one last time before pressing the chime and waiting for permission to enter.

"Enter." The call came from behind the ready room door. As the door slid open, a warmly lit room came into view. 2 viewport along the outside allowed the morning New Vulcan sun to stream into the room. It was an open floor plan, inviting without losing professionality. Directly across from the door, the Captain's desk was set up, several reports visible on the display screen. Off to the right was a seating area. Behind the couch stood a display wall. Several ship models adorned the shelves and an Arizona sunrise lit up the view screen as a resting setting.

Behind the desk, Captain Reynolds lifted her eyes to the door. "Mr. Odegaard, I presume?"

"Yes Captain." He responded as he placed the transfer orders directly onto her desk. The Officer though remained at attention until instructed otherwise.

"At ease. No need to be too formal," the captain replied with a dismissing wave. She preferred a bit more casual approach in most cases. She looked over the orders for a moment. "USS Victory, huh? I have to say, I think you're the only person aboard with previous Constitution-class experience. Self included. What made you choose Defiant?"

"Opportunity Captain." Anders responded to her. "Victory was a fine Ship, providing a great source of experience and the chance to see a great many things." He eased up per her request to do so. "Defiant however provides the chance to do it all over again."

"You'll certainly get that chance. Given Defiant's mission, you'll get a good taste of the frontier too. We'll be well outside the support network, often without back up. But that can wait until the briefing," she said, before changing topics. "For now, tell me a little about my new Security Chief."

"What would you like to know?" He asked politely to his superior. "I'm qualified in all forms of energy weaponry ranging from the Type One Phaser all the way up to the Cardassian Disruptor, I've taken all available Command Courses an Officer of my rank is eligible for."

“All important details,” Veronica replied with a nod. “But I was thinking beyond the service history. What’s something I won’t find in your file? Not something professional. Something that makes you who you are.”

"I'm a cellist if you must know, I had a custom made left handed cello made for me on Andoria. Apparently they have a knack for the classics." Anders responded to her.

She leaned back with an amused smiled. "Fascinating. A tactical officer who plays strings. Well, I imagine you share a musical talent with a few aboard the crew. Perhaps at some point we could the bunch of you together." She folded her hands and sat forward again. "Well, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to get acquainted once you're not lugging around your satchel. The quartermaster is getting your quarters ready as we speak. I'd suggest you report to him and then make yourself comfortable."

"Of course Ma'am." He nodded at her suggestion. "May i ask what our orders are once all things are settled and locked down?"

“The Frontier,” she said simply. “They’re sending us to the very reaches of Federation space. I’ll have more for you in the briefing tomorrow, but we’re going to essentially be the bleeding edge of exploration in an entire region of space.”

"Boldly we go indeed....." Anders responded. "Constitution class Ships were built for such a thing and on the frontier you need a ship that can handle anything." He responded in his opinion.

"That's the goal. Over time, Starfleet's presence will become more pronounced. But we're the tip of the spear until then," the Captain replied. She looked out the viewport. "I'm eager to get out of port personally. I prefer to be moving."

"Isn't that the preference for all Captains, Ma'am?" Anders asked her with a momentary smirk. "I doubt any Captain relishes being stationary for very long."

"I suppose it depends on your assignment. I think there are plenty of station captains who might find moving to be very concerning," she replied with a laugh. "I don't necessarily want to hold you forever though. Anything else you need?"

“No Captain, I believe I have everything I need for the time being.” Anders said with a nod, “with your permission I’d like to get settled in and see to my department?”

"Permission granted," Veronica replied. "And Lieutenant? Welcome aboard."


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