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Vague Brutal Honesty

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 10:50pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Ensign Adalind Nyffs

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD 1 - Late Afternoon

A small shuttle landed in the bay. Outside of the pilot, there was only one occupant, a beautiful blond woman wearing the usual uniform, thigh-high black leather boots, and her red no sleeves short-skirted uniform. Ada was not a fan of wearing uniforms, then again who was, but she did have to admit she looked great in it.

As the shuttle finally shutdown the pilot stood and walked back to the cabin, "um-hum, ensign we are here," he said pulling on his tunic collar, finding the women rather distracting, not a bad distraction just a distraction, "um...., what are you reading, it must be fascinating seeing as you haven't put it down," he said.

"Oh oh honey," she said softly, pity in her eyes as she slipped her PaDD into her bag, "...did you, oh nevermind," Adalind said as she stood and walked past him and down the ramp. The pilot was left standing there, trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

As the woman descended the stairs, a young Vulcan cadet gave a nod. She looked to be slightly uncomfortable in the role of greeter. "Ensign Nyffs. Welcome aboard, Defiant. On the orders of the quartermaster, I have been sent to enquire if you require assistance with your luggage. Additionally, the Captain would like to meet with you. She has offered a meeting either in her Ready Room or in the Officer's Lounge."

"No on the first, and officer lounge well perfect," Adalind said adjusting her bag, "....actually I have a few bags if you wouldn't mind," she quickly added.

The cadet bowed her head before summoning a hover sled. "Certainly. Simply direct me to what you need assistance with."

"Those two bags," Adalind said simply pointing to two medium-size bags that were very fully packed, "please be careful with them, and I don't want to start unpacking and realized they were rummaged through, yes?"

"I assure you, ma'am, your privacy will be paramount," the Cadet replied in a flat tone before going to load the bags.

With that dealt with, she checked the map of the ship before heading for the officer's lounge, and the well what she considered the dreaded first meetings that everyone had to do. "I am looking for the captain?" She said to a passing person.

"That would be me," a voice said from a short distance away in the lounge. Seated at the lounge's bar was a woman with dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, busy parsing over a padd. At first glance, she wasn't immediately recognizable as a commanding officer, with her black mission jacket covering her gold uniform. But upon turning to face Adalind, the 4 pips made themselves clear. She extended her hand in greeting. "Captain Veronica Reynolds."

"Ensign Adalind Nyffs, your new chief communications officer," Adalind said sizing up her new commanding officer, still a little peeved about the transfer. Yes, she knew that the Saratoga was where careers tend to die, but she kinda enjoyed living on the edge. The problem was she proved herself too well and was successfully transferred off and given a second, well hell, it really was like her fourth or fifth chance.

"Welcome aboard, Ensign. Can I get you a drink? It's on the house," the Captain replied, amusedly.

"I'll take whatever you are having," Adalind said simply as she took a seat one on of the stools.

"Make that 2 Aldebaran Mules," the Captain replied to the bartender. She was off duty after all. Retrieving the two glasses, she set one in front of the Comms officer. "So, transferred from the Saratoga, huh? Out of curiosity, how'd you manage to land yourself there?"

Adalind looked at her drink, "several reasons, but only a few they could actually prove," Adalind said knowing that it was almost near impossible to prove if she did in-fact use her abilities and not just a slip of keeping her walls up. "...also who knew they really frowned upon playful flirtatious banter," Adalind said leaving out the fact she did actually hook up with a couple of officers.

Veronica raised an eyebrow in amusement. Generally, Starfleet had no issue with such fraternization unless it interfered with ship functions... "Sounds like you ruffled quite a few feathers then. Should I be keeping my eye on you?" She added the last bit a bit playfully, though part of her genuinely worried if she'd be talking to the JAG soon.

Adalind shrugged but also knowing that she did a little bit more than just dropping her walls and eavesdropping, truth be told she did a little nudging, "....they trumped up some of the charges a little, because they couldn't prove others," Adalind said being brutally honest knowing that she would check.

"Fair enough." The Captain sized up the officer. Confidence was certainly not something the young woman was lacking, despite her disciplinary issues. The woman's eyes reminded her of an important fact. The young officer was part Betazoid. They weren't the truly black irises of a full Betazoid, but their abnormally deep hue was a visual reminder that the woman wasn't fully human. Veronica found herself wondering if the young woman held telepathic abilities. And if so, how much of her mind was open to them.

She'd always found open telepathy concerning to some extent. Vulcan telepathy was more restrained and required physical contact, training, and a certain level of consent from the individual. Other races like the Betazoids required no such restrictions. She figured she could keep asking these questions in her mind or cut to the chase and verbalize them. "Your file states you're part Betazoid. I'm curious if you retained any of the telepathic abilities? I know it is a bit of a genetic puzzle."

Yes, Adalind could lie here and allow herself to have a little bit more fun. But eventually, she would find out and when she did it would just lead to bigger trouble, and trouble that she didn't want to deal with. So the truth again. "Both, actually," she said deciding to leave out the strength of her abilities, though she wasn't 100% sure how strong they were. She never had them tested if that was even a possibility.

Veronica's eyebrow raised. The answer was brief and slightly perplexing. "Well, I suppose you'll have to tell me if they ever prove mission relevant. In the meantime, make yourself at home. Defiant will be about the closest we have to home for quite some time, so don't skimp on making your quarters feel right."

Adalind just nodded as she took a few sips of the drink, "and yes I can do that," frankly that was the enjoyable part, having an ability that worked seamlessly with what you did in life if the captain looked closely she would see a slight twinkle in her abnormally deep-hued eyes. " this is not a typical way of meeting a captain of a ship, is typical of you?"

The woman in gold took a sip of her drink before shrugging. "I suppose. I'm not your average prim and proper type of command officer. I want the crew to do their jobs and I expect professionally in that. But I joined Starfleet to be an explorer, not a soldier. I think sometimes people in command can lose sight of that."

Adalind nodded. Truthfully she didn't join Starfleet for any of those reasons. Even more truthfully she wasn't 100% sure why she joined. She remembered talking to a recruiter and he said something that didn't catch her attention, or was it just boredom that she said yes. Hell, it didn't matter she was here, and the truth is she was not bored and having fun. Taking a couple more sips of her drink looking around, "...I suppose I should get my quarters squared away, thank you for the drink," she added finishing it off in one big gulp.

"I suppose so. If you need anything in the next few days, feel free to reach out," the Captain replied. "In the meantime, welcome aboard."


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