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Doctor's Orders

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2021 @ 11:51pm by Captain Veronica Reynolds & Lieutenant Yisril Turran
Edited on on Sat Jan 30th, 2021 @ 5:28pm

Mission: Episode 0: A Storm Is Brewing
Location: Sickbay, USS Defiant
Timeline: MD 2: Midday

The corridors were positively bustling with activity as Captain Reynolds made her way through the circulation lobby. The vessel had been steadily filling out in the last few days, as crew from around the quadrant streamed in to fill the halls of the finished vessel. She herself was actually one of the middle arrivals, a fact that had been highlighted by the many wrong turns she'd taken in the last few days. It wasn't that the ship's internal directions weren't helpful. She just kept attempting to fall back on Walker-class orientations she'd gotten used to over the last few years.

It was for that reason that the woman appeared as she did this morning. In one hand, a fresh thermos containing her standard latte, her usual morning beverage. In the other, a padd which was feeding real time navigation directions to her.

After one final aborted wrong turn, she finally arrived at her destination. Sickbay too was quite busy, with shipyard personnel delivering the last of the medical supplies and new orderlies making themselves familiar with the facilities. Entering the chamber, she casually skirted the room before arriving at the door she'd sought out to find: the Chief Medical Officer's office. Setting the padd back in her pocket, she reached out and pressed the chime.

Taking up a position in a new place always came with a challenge. This morning, Yisril had gotten lost on the way to Sickbay from her quarters, and last night, she'd spend some time even looking for said quarters. The worst was, however, that nothing in Sickbay was placed the way she was used to. Of course, there was the standard equipment, beds, chairs, and such, but it was the first time she had taken up a CMO spot in an entirely unfamiliar environment. She'd spend the morning walking around greeting everyone on her staff, doctors, nurses, techs, orderlies, and gave a few directions in regards to where she wanted this or that to be placed. Around midday, she retreated to her office, not wanting to breathe down everyone's necks, made herself a pot of strong Vulcan mocha, and set about doing some preliminary reading of the journals of the crew; she wanted to know if anyone was in for a physical, or if there was anything she ought to know.

It was then the doorbell chimed. "Come in," she prompted, turning her attention to the door. She stood upon seeing Captain Raynolds. "Ah, Good morning Captain- please come in."

"Please, don't stand on account of me," the Captain said, waving away the formality. "I see you've been busy down her. Settling into sickbay, I hope?"

"Yes, I am, thanks," Yysril said, sitting back down and gesturing to the other chair, "Please.. what can I do for you?"

Veronica settled into one of the seats opposite. "I wanted to check in with you. I know you're just settling in, but wanted to make sure you were adequately supplied. We're headed pretty deep into the frontier. It's quite possible we'll be the best medical facility for light years. Any specific wants or needs? I'm happy to throw some weight around to get it."

"Well, we're still doing inventory, and still loading supplies. I am keeping an eye on our medical scanners, some of the ones I've had the chance to look at could use a once-over. But we can never be overstocked in medication or equipment if you ask me, but I suppose asking for twice the Sickbay size might be a tall order," she had a glint in her eye and was mostly joking.

"Possibly," Reynolds said, taking a look at the supplies out in the main chamber. "But not as tall an order as you think. There's a decent chance we'll have to administer aid to more than just our own crew. I'll see what I can do."

She leaned back a little, returning her gaze to the doctor. "What about your non-professional needs? Quarters on the right side of the ship?"

"I have no complaints about that," Eliane said, "The quarters are larger than they were on my last posting," she added. "I appreciate them," she smiled a little. "Now that you offered, I'll never say no to a few extra nurses, especially if we run into an emergency situation."

"That we should be able to manage. I doubt command will disagree with your assessment," Veronica replied. "On a less business note, if you have any interest in a game of pool, a few of us will be in the Observation Deck tonight. You're more than welcome to attend."

"I've never played pool;" she confessed, but her expression lightened, "But I am willing to try, thanks for the invitation!"

"Of course. My goal is to always make Defiant feel welcoming. I prefer a looser command style than some. Not unprofessional, just less rigid," the Captain said. She saw another shipment of supplies enter sickbay. "Well, I don't want to drag you away from things for too long. Just know my door is open if you ever need to talk."

"Thank you, Captain," Yisril said, nodding. "Nice of you." She'd definitely go to the pool game, she thought, the Captain seemed friendly enough, and it was a good opportunity to get to know the rest of the crew.

"On that note," Veronica said, rising to her feet. "Good luck with the set up. And welcome to Defiant."


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